Tonight I get home from church and before I get out of the truck my phone is ringing, it was my friend that has the gift that was supposed to be brought over. I figured she was calling saying that the guys were going to be heading over soon to get the kids in or asking what time I would have the kids in bed. Boy was I surprised when I answered and she started talking.

She said Little Bitty’s dad R.C had just called her. She said he called her through facebook and she didn’t answer. Then he called her right back and she answered it. Said he wanted to know if she could get a hold of the people that has one of the puppy’s that we had when we were together. He breed his dog with his friends dog and wants to breed his new dog with the puppy. We had three dogs we didn’t keep any of them they were for his friend and we got stuck with a few to find a home for because things didn’t go as his friend had planed.

She told him she didn’t know where the puppy was now. He told her all about his new dog and how he wanted to breed her. Told her he would pay a stud fee and drive the dog down here. She said he never once asked about Little Bitty or anything else. Just all about the dogs and said he was going to bed but to call him on facebook or he could send her his number. We said we should tell him to bring her on down and let their dog breed with it. I told her set it up and when he gets there I would be standing there with Little Bitty not the dog. See what his reaction is.

It was odd because like I told her I had just been thinking about him and my Little Bitty. I was thinking about the kids going tomorrow with Father of the Year and that Little Bitty would want to go. Do I let her or tell her no and keep her at home. She calls him dad I always say Father of the Year to her not dad and tell her Father of the Year not dad but she always want to go with dad and things. I was surprised his parents send her a gift card. But anyway I was thinking that if I did meet someone else how she would relate to them and things. The fact that she is going to be 4 in 4 months and I would say in the next year or so she is going to start asking questions about her dad. I was thinking I wish I had his number or that I would try to get his number and just let her call him up and be like hi dad so lets chat. I wondered what he would say and things.

So when I got the call and she says I been talking to your baby’s dad I could have fell over. Then she said he was going to send her his number I said good tell him to send it. Makes me sick he just acts like everything is fine or she isn’t even here. But I am sure he thinks about her and wonders about her and wants to know what is going on with her. He always talked about his two kids that didn’t live with us and where they were and things when we were together. I could tell it bothered him. I think he just drinks and does what he does to try and live with himself and what he has done.

I truly have to go and wrap these gifts now I just wanted to get this done before I forgot.


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