I haven’t been around much I was babysitting Thursday and Friday for my friend and getting things ready for Christmas. Thursday we made the salt dough Christmas ornaments and that took all morning. We had lunch and they played for a little bit before we had to leave to go to therapy. When we left there I met her dad across the street from his job and dropped her off since we were just blocks away. Friday I only watched her half a day, I we made cookies but they didn’t turn out very well. I then had to go pick my friend up to watch my kids. I picked her up and dropped her off at my house and took the little girls I was watching and picked her dad up at work.

I had not heard from the charity place so I called them Thursday and she said she had been trying to get a hold of me but couldn’t that she was going to come by my house because she wanted to make sure that the kids got their stuff. She told me to come Friday about 1 or 130. That is why I had to go get my friend to come sit with the kids. My other friend and his daughter had to go north of where I had to go so I asked him if he wanted to ride that far with me and catch the bus from there. He said yes because he needed to go to the place right up the street from there to pay on his new place. I took him to drop him off because I was early since he got off at 12. He had me stop at the store and cashed his check and paid me. I went on to the place to pick up the stuff. I was still early so I went into the thrift store they have there. I found some ornaments for the tree there were a bunch of nice ones. I got about three handfuls. I seen three snowmen when I walked in they were pretty and candle holders. It was like a mom dad and kid they were different sizes but you could tell a set. They were $2 each. I took the ornaments I got up to the counter to see how much they were. They gut said $4.50 I bought them and paid for them then I went to leave I kept looking at the candle holders and I really wanted them for the house I decided to go ahead and get them. I put them on the counter and he rang them up and they came to $1.50 I was surprised but all their Christmas stuff was 75% off.

I put my stuff in the truck and went around to the other place to pick up the stuff. The lady was so nice and so happy I had called and came in. They gave me two bags of stuff already wrapped up and a small bag with a few things in it that wasn’t wrapped. She said they ran out of paper. I told them it was ok I had paper.

Yesterday I thought of gifts for family I had that I needed stuff to go with. I took some pictures of the kids and a couple with them. I took them and had them printed out. I have two Hallmark picture frames here you put a picture in one side and an ornament in the other side. I also have three other wood ones that fold together like a book that holds two pictures. I decided to give my mom and my Grandma and Grandpa the white ones. Then I had to find a ornament for them or they wouldn’t look right. I remembered three really nice ones that I found in the stuff at the thrift store that looked like new. They were Marry, Joseph and the Baby Jesus two were the same and one was a little smaller and different but the same things. The two bigger ones worked perfect the frames are white with silver around them and the ornaments are white with silver accents. One had a broken glass I grabbed a from for less than a dollar at the store when I went to pick up the pictures to replace the glass in it. It says it is the same size but it wasn’t, it was to long. I had to figure out how to cut the glass.

I took soaked a part of a shoe string in rubbing alcohol and tied it around where I needed it cut and then took it out front to the water hose. After I turned the water on I set the string on fire and let it burn, it kept going out or just burning but only burning the alcohol not the string. I took it off and got a piece a yarn and soaked it. I took it out front to the hose and set it on fire. In a minute or less the glass came off and fell on the ground. I didn’t even have to spray it to put it out it wen out as it hit the ground. It wasn’t perfect of course because I was in a hurry and things but it did the job and it will work. I was happy it worked because I didn’t know what else to do. I just have to figure out how to make it stay closed now. I don’t have the tool I need to fix it. I am hoping father of the year has it when she gets it and can fix it

Today I have been up since before 8 all I wanted to do was sleep in but that was to much to ask. Father of the year and my mother called and text me until I got up to tell me he didn’t pay the insurance and it was cancelled. I laid there and tried to go back to sleep until the kids started getting up. We got up and they got dressed and ate. Then my friend was texting saying that the lady said to come at 12 it was 11 then. I had to pick them up bring her back to watch the kids and then we had to go back and pick them up. We got back and was headed to take them home father of the year showed up for the money for the insurance. I took them home we came home had lunch and got ready for church.

We went to church and my little one showed her butt I took her out to the truck and she went to sleep the kids stayed in service until it was over they came out and we went to their friends house to see the light display he does.

I was shocked when we got there to see it, it was so pretty and so well done I couldn’t believe that this 12 or 13 year old kid did it on his own. He has it set up where you put your radio on the station they have playing and it plays in your car. The lights flashed different ones to the music.

After that I took them over to another area where a lot of the houses do theirs up. I had not been through there but heard it was really nice. We went there and it was really pretty too. I think all but maybe 4 house were done up. I did not expect the line of cars going in and out and it taking 5 minutes to move from one house to the next. Then I have one in the back seat yelling he has to go to the bathroom every few minutes and it just gets worse and worse because he really really really has to go. We finally made it out stopped at a store and let him go. He must of really had to go because she flew in the door and to the bathroom and wasn’t in there that long at all.

I am got them home and three of them in bed by 850. Little Bitty finally went to bed about 45 minutes ago. I am waiting for the one last gift to get here as I write this for my big girl. I just got a text about 5 minutes ago saying that it is not coming. The guy who was supposed to bring it over and drop it off can’t be gotten a hold of. They have called and text him and he is not responding. I hope that everything is alright but I am really aggravated because he said weeks ago no problem he would be here it would get here tonight so it was up and ready when she got out of bed in the morning. I really wish I could find someone to go get it but I have been texting and asking and I don’t know anyone with a truck who is around to pick it up. If he didn’t want to do it he could have said weeks ago he was not going to or didn’t want to or even earlier today not when it is supposed to be here and just ignore everyone. Its not like it is for me I could careless and do without if it was for me but it is for my kid and now I am going to let her down. I know she will say she understands and it is ok but I know it sucks to be the one this happens to. I could almost cry. I still have stuff to go wrap for the kids. Including the ball for the hoop. She was supposed to get the ball and then get to go outside to play with it and find the hoop. Now she gets the ball and has nothing to use it with.

I should be able to call Father of the Year and tell him to just go get it but that won’t happen. He won’t do nothing. He will say he don’t have gas, he has stuff to do, he is going to bed, he didn’t get sleep last night. I ask him today what he was doing after he paid the car insurance he said he had a ton of stuff to do. Then he disappeared for over 4 hours. He finally answered when they called and said he was at the park. Who knows where he was or what he was doing. I don’t know I don’t really care I just wish he would just disappear. He just pisses me off so much. He could careless.

I need to go get this other stuff out and wrap it so I can go to bed since this isn’t working out and they aren’t coming. We were going to go to church in the morning but I was not impressed with the church service tonight and I don’t know where else is having service since not many places around are having one and now I will probably be up so late.

I was in a good mood and getting excited about Christmas now I just want to go to bed and sleep through it.


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