{December 26, 2016}   Happy Birthday To Me

It don’t seem like we just had Christmas yesterday and it is my birthday today. Both just seemed like another day. I don’t know how to explain it really. It just didn’t feel like or seem like Christmas and today I didn’t feel the best and just laid around most the day while the kids took over the house and played with their new Christmas stuff. I didn’t really expect today to really be any different than any other day it never is. I don’t think I have done anything on my Birthday since when me and Father of the Year first met. He took me out to dinner on my birthday the first time we ever went anywhere, that was 2002. Most years we don’t do anything because we just had all the sweets and things for Christmas and have a ton left over. Sometimes him and the kids got me something sometimes they didn’t.

Random thought my grandpa didn’t call me today. Last year it was odd he called me on my birthday and told me happy birthday. He never had before and now didn’t this year. But my Daddy use to call me every year and tell me happy birthday early that morning, last year is when he passed. When my grandpa called it caught me by surprise, I thought about how my dad use to always call me in the morning on my birthday.

Anyway Father of the year would get me something sometimes that was about it. Once in a while we would go out to dinner. Today was different in the fact that Father of the Year wasn’t here today like at Christmas it was just more calm and peaceful. My sister did bake me a cake and they sang happy birthday to me after dinner last night.

My Oldest got her basketball hoop finally today. I sent all the kids to the boys room and told them to stay in there so they wouldn’t come out or be looking out the windows. They got it out and stood it up there and I called her to come outside. She walked out my friend tossed her the new basketball I had kept and not given her yesterday. She looked confused then she looked up and seen the hoop on the other side of the truck she just stood there smiling.

As soon as they left she went and got dressed to go play. I moved the truck back and turned it around so there was room to go up and down the driveway and play. I moved it over backed it against the front of the carport in front of where I park the truck. I almost dropped it on myself. I finally got it tipped back and it was over my head by the time I got it tipped enough to move it. We got it moved and I couldn’t lift it back up into place to stand it back up. I couldn’t move to lay it down to keep from dropping it on me. I had to tell my oldest to get behind me grab it and help push it back up into place. We finally fought it up and into place. It was a little crooked and I was trying to just move it around a little bit and I couldn’t. I had no idea it was so big and heavy. We had one like it before but we could move it around with no problem anywhere we wanted it until we put it on a pole in the ground. I am glad we got this one because it is really nice and very well made. It should last her a long time if we keep it up and don’t let it rust and things. I can’t wrap one hand around it.

Like I told my friend she don’t care it is used she would rather have something that was used and really well made than something new for the same price that is going to fall apart in no time just to say she has new. After they left from dropping it off she ran inside to get dressed to go play. That is when the cop called me back I had to have them come in so I could talk to him. After I got off the phone I took my computer outside to finish my other post and things why I watched them play. I ended up playing basketball with them for about and hour. They all had fun. Little Bitty came over and wanted to play they were ready to go inside any way so me and her played. She has a little hoop out there just her size but not the right ball. She kept trying to get it into the big hoop. I told her get it in that one then we can take it out since it won’t fall through. So she did. She would chase me when I got the ball I chase her. I make a basket or try to and she grab it and run. I have tell her to make a basket or try to in hers. She would run over and make one. Then I would make one and tell her I was going to beat her or we had the same points. She made the basket and I told her she was the first one to 5 points she won. She was so excited and happy. She ran up giving me high five and things. It was so cute. Then we had to go in because the bugs were biting to bad out.

Everyone had fun and ran around even my Big Boy who most the time don’t want to be outside or active.

Oh my Big Girl made me peanut butter cookies and brought me in bed today. I wanted some the other day but was watching the little girl and made the others they could cut out. My sister said she is going to make some and give out yesterday anyway so I said ok. I get there yesterday and she said I didn’t get to make the cookies but I made you a birthday cake. I didn’t say anything but I would have rather had the cookies. She meant well and was trying. I just been in a funk mood the last week or so. So this morning My Girl came in and brought me cookies we had a pack and she got up before I did and made them for me.

Other than that I cooked, cleaned, fought with kids and took care of business like any other day. Now I have to get off of here because my three year old flooded the bathroom into the hall and is playing in it. It is time for a spanking and bed. Just another day of a mom.

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