Yesterday on the way to my sisters to meet the kids for dinner I had an accident. Yes another one in a year and half or so. I can not believe this. I have been driving for 22 years and never had an accident and now this.

I have no idea where he came from I did not see him at all but turned into him. We pulled over but then this lady from the house he left came down there started yelling at me and jumping on me. I thought he was calling police he was on the phone then I she is yelling just call the police, call the police. He just stood there not saying anything or doing anything she started again. I said I’m not fighting with you, you all aren’t calling them I will. Pulled my phone out said we had an accident we need the police and hung up.

Next thing I know there is another women down there she was the owner of the car. she was not in it when it happen it was a guy by himself. Well then the cop came I was looking for the paperwork he wanted and she started talking to the police. I didn’t know it she told him she was driving so the cop never took the guys name checked his license or anything else. Then I called and reported to my insurance and it was all wrong and messed up because they asked for owner of the car then hung up when we they were done getting the information. They thought she was driving. She asked to talk to them so I let her then when they got back on the phone the lady hung up before I could talk to her again.

I started thinking about it all later and got the report and seen he was not listed and that they listed her as the driver. I called the cop back and told him this was not right he said she told him she was the driver but he wasn’t really worried about it or getting me the information for the other person who was driving or to see if he was even legal to drive. Told me well it wouldn’t make a difference who was driving although it would if he wasn’t legal. I just said ok and hung up I wasn’t fighting with him it was late I was tired and knew I was going to get no where with him. He told me if my insurance company wanted the information then they needed to get it from her.

Today I called talk to dispatch again and told them I had an accident the cops came the paperwork was filled out wrong. I told them I wanted to talk to whoever was in charge. Well then she wasn’t there so they said she would call me back after she got in and they had their meeting. An hour or so after their meeting I was getting a call. The cop was calling me back. He wasn’t happy he was like I thought everything was fine when we hung up last night I told you I would get you the information as soon as I could. I said no you told me it didn’t matter and that if my company wanted it they could get it from her. I said now i have someone not even in the car saying they were driving and in the car and they can sue me for injuries or whatever. I have some man I do not even know who he is wondering around out there who could sue me as well or anyone else who decided to since we don’t know who he is. I said they have been in trouble for fraud and drugs and everything else already so I can’t assume they aren’t going to try something they already are or they wouldn’t have said she was driving.

He said well she still says she was driving and I told her you had no reason to lie about it and that she wasn’t, but she is still saying she was in the car. He said he told her he wasn’t going to take her or him to jail and whatever but he needed the information. But he just called her didn’t see the guy so he don’t know if this is the right guy and right information I am sure. He started about I could have given you a ticket and things blah blah about the insurance and the laws and this or that. I said well I have the information I needed I will be talking to the insurance offices tomorrow about this all and letting them know that she was not in the car and that he was driving.

She was so worried about her insurance finding out and dropping her and had just left my company and went with this new one in October so something isn’t right. I am going to call both and let them know she was not in the car she was not driving the car, she was not even outside and seen what happen. That she lied to the cop and had it put on the report she was. I see this being a long drug out process and being a fight because I am not going to be hit to pay for injuries and things when she was not in the car and he said he was fine. They didn’t even send a fire truck ambulance tow truck nothing out. I wish the cop had impounded the car now until we got to the bottom of all this. But I am sure if she don’t give the insurance company what they want they are not going to pay out and she wants to get it settled fast so she may just give them the information and get it over with. I think that what I have should cover the damage but I don’t know.

I called the insurance company back last night told them what was going on they said I had to call when the office was open they just collect information and that was it. I have to talk to them about if this all matters and what to do. Over the weekend and yesterday it said they were closed for the holiday or something. When I call today it says push this push that push this over here now and then hold for the next person to talk to. I help twice forever until I had to hang up and no one answered so I gave up figured they must me closed and I will call tomorrow.

I don’t know how I feel it just seems so serial and like a dream. I still can’t figure out how I hit him or where he came from. It dented my bumper in on the driver side knocked the lights on that side all out and bent the fender again. I will probably have to replace it all. nothing I can do until February. I have to get the lights of course but that is all I can do really and I can’t afford to do that even, but I have to.

Her car it broke the mirror off on the passenger side and it and my light I guess smacked the window on that side and broke it out. Then went down the side and dented the doors and scuffed the paint up. It was still drive able they can’t get them doors open probably. I don’t think it bent the frame or caused enough damage to total it. It was a 2011 impala.




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