{December 26, 2016}   Merry Christmas 2016

I didn’t get in until let last night and was ready to go to bed before I ever got home so I didn’t make it on. I did try to get on from my phone and passed out.

I hope everyone had a good day and had a nice time with friends and family. Yesterday was the first Christmas me and the kids had that it was just us here at the house. I was surprised Father of the Year didn’t try to come over or show up really. But it was a nice morning. I didn’t get to go to sleep until about 6. Then I laid down on the love seat and went to sleep so that I would be out here when they came out and so that Little Bitty didn’t get up and start opening stuff without everyone else. My oldest got up first and sat here for a little bit waiting for the rest to get up. When they didn’t get up in a little bit she went back to bed. I thought she went to get them up and I fell back to sleep waiting on them. Then I heard Big boy get up and in a little bit Little Guy got up. I finally sent him to get the girls up.

They opened their stockings that was stuffed with their gifts from each other then they took turns picking gifts from under the tree and opening them. It was so much fun watching them open their stuff and watching them watch each other. They had as much fun watching each other open their stuff as opening their own I think.

I was disappointed because the big gift for my oldest or for them all never made it to my house and still hasn’t as of right now 310 the day after Christmas. The guy who helped my friend get it and swore it was no big deal he would be back Christmas eve to bring it over and help set it up never showed and didn’t answer calls or text all night. I can’t get it in my truck and have no one else to go get it. I still don’t know what happen he finally got a hold of my friend yesterday and still said he couldn’t do it until today. But now here we sit and no one has heard from him today yet. I feel bad because oldest was kind of disappointed because she got mostly colored pencils and art stuff. She asked for art stuff but I guess I miss understood what she was wanting so it wasn’t even really the right stuff. She didn’t get anything else she asked for. I have the basketball here but didn’t give it to her when the hoop never showed up. I didn’t want to tell her I still want to surprise her with it. I wanted to try and get it here yesterday when she went with her dad so I could give it to her when I got back and that didn’t happen. I guess one day it will get here hopefully before next year or I am moving. I don’t know anyone with a truck and don’t have money or a truck to get a trailer to get it right now.

They went with their dad about noon to see his parents and grandma and I got to get a little bit of sleep before I had to meet them back at my sisters to have dinner and things with them. I have to say over all the night went a lot better than I expected it to go with my mom and things.

The kids enjoyed their dad and time spent with family. We got home about 10 I think and the girls both went right to their beds and passed out. I had to make the boys go to bed at about 230 or 3 this morning. I had no idea it was so late dealing with stuff from earlier in the day and things. I thought it was about 10 and it was 1 then by the time I got done talking with the boys and doing things it was after 2. Then they kept wanting to stay up longer and things. Big boy has a been full of army men, couple tanks and a tent and My Little Guy got a been of 100 piece set of army men and a bunch of stuff to go with it. They had it set up all over in the living room floor. They cleaned up had all the little stuff in the bin with no lid. I dumped it all out and showed them how to pack it with the big stuff in the bin that closes and then just have 4 big things left in the little bin with no lid so if it spilled.

After putting them to bed I came to bed and passed out myself. It was a good day for the kids not so great day for me but at least the kids had a good time.

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