{December 27, 2016}   Someone’s Out There

I am not sure what is going on I have been having people messing around my house for a while now. I do not know if it is the same thing that we had going on in the past Stalked, A Night I Won’t Forget, something different or if it is all related in some way.

I have noticed little things here and there like my laundry room door being open at night and hearing things outside. The dog will wake me up at night and be barking. I look around out the windows but I can’t see anyone. They hide I am sure they seen shadows in the house or hear the dogs barking.

Last night Little Bitty flooded the house, the bathroom and hall were swimming in water I had to use towels to clean it up. It was getting late I needed to stay up and wash them so they didn’t get nasty from sitting wet all night. I made her and Little Guy go to bed because he went in there and was part of the problem. Then me and the older kids sat down to play their Life game they got for Christmas. We set it up on the little kids table and sat in he living room to play. I have my blinds open about 6 inches so the dogs can look out and not mess them up or pull them off the wall. So sitting on the couch where I was I could see out into the yard the way I was sitting. We have our Christmas decorations up still, nothing much just some lights on the house a couple of them little deer and our manger we built with our people in it. Well the manger is about 4 feet from the house right in front of the window. It has about a dozen people animals in it and the people all light up. They are set on a timer. I don’t like them on all night they shine in my window and I see no point in the being on in the middle of the night when no one is really around to see them. So when I remember to turn them on in the evening I turn the timer to go off in 4 to 6 hours depending on what time I turn them on. I turn them on between 5 and 7 when I think of it and by midnight they go off.

Well last night about 20 minutes after we sat down I was sitting her looking out the window while the kids were taking their turns. The manger was right there but I was just kind of staring through it, like when your looking at something but your not your thinking about other stuff. All of a sudden the lights in the people came on. I told the kids someone is in the laundry room we got up and made sure the doors were locked and looked around. Of course we couldn’t see anything or find anything. I was texting my friend we text off and on all day and we had been talking. I text her and said someone is in my laundry room. As we were getting up and locking doors and things. So she would know if she couldn’t get me to find out why. She said call the police but they do nothing they come out look around and then say we don’t see anything. I told them before someone was in my room out there and doing something sounded like climbing on the washer or hitting it with something. They came out said we don’t see anyone or footprints and acted like I was just scared to be here and heard the wind blow. It wasn’t this went on for a few minutes why I was calling them and waiting on them to get here. I have two guns I am not scared because I will shoot if someone comes in my house or tries to come in my house with my kids here. But I want to know who it is and why they are singling us out and messing with us. I want it to stop they are scaring my kids. We sat here for a little bit longer and all of a sudden both dogs jumped up raising hell and trying to get out the front door. The one was jumping up and scratching at my door and everything else. This went on for a few minutes. I don’t have a window over there to look out just the peep hole and you can’t see a lot out of it. Its kind of high and where the door is compared to the side of the house it’s just not worth more than seeing if someone is at the door. I text my friend again and said they are right outside my door. She was scared I think more than I was. But I know if I call they don’t make a report and they don’t care. They told me when they were out there on my carport and in my laundry room last time there was no footprints. There isn’t going to be foot prints on concrete. The cop that came that time is the same cop that was at my accident Christmas day who did nothing and I knew he was on duty and this is his area so unless they tried to come in there was no point in calling. Now that he is mad about me calling his boss because he didn’t want to do his job it would be useless. If It had been later the other officer probably would have been on duty and he cares and tries to look around and see and drives around and looks.

They were out there a few minutes or more the dogs carried on and then stopped. We went on playing our game and I had to leave the towels and stuff to sit all night anyway because I couldn’t go back outside to the laundry room to take care of them with whoever that was out there. I have to go out the kitchen door into this area then into a door into the laundry room. When I open that door if someone is standing on carport they can push me back into the house and come in the house or if they wait until I walk in the laundry room they can step in right behind me and shut the door and I am stuck. Knowing that someone is out there and been in there and being here by myself with the kids I will not go out there.

We finished the game and went to bed since we couldn’t finish washing all the mess I needed to wash. It was after 230 in the morning and the lights were still on. There was no way if we turned them on at 5 something for 6 hours they would still be on. As soon as we turned everything off and went to our rooms the dog started freaking out again and refused to come to the bedroom where they sleep. She sat and watched out the window for a while. Finally about 20 or 30 minutes after we went to bed she calmed down and came to bed. I looked around out the windows but didn’t see anything.

This morning I woke up to the lady next to me asking if I seen anything or heard anything outside last night. I told her yes that there was someone out there messing around I was going to come out and talk to her. She was at the doctor with the kids so I went over after she got back. Someone got in her car and took $400 in cash. She forgot her purse in the car and her husband left it unlocked.

I wish I had the money to put up a camera so I could catch whoever it is messing around. Just to know who it is and put a stop to it. I want to know who it is more than anything and try to figure out if it has something to do with the past or what.

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