I am feeling pretty darn accomplished today. I got everything on my list to do done and fairly quickly as well. We didn’t get up until 9 this morning since we went to bed so late. I had to wake everyone else up because they were still sleeping.

I got them ready, chased the dogs down, got them lunch and dropped them off at school by 10. From there I ran to pay the water bill that I forgot all about having a notice it needed to be paid by yesterday. Thank God I beat them to it and got it paid before they turned it off. I couldn’t decide if I should go from there to get my tag or the tire shop. They were in opposite directions of each other. I decided to call and see if they had the tire I needed and see how busy they were first. He said they only had my tire new nothing used. Didn’t surprise me I always have to get new everything for my truck you can’t find things used for it. He said they weren’t busy so I told him I would be there in a few minutes to get it put on. They had us in and out in no time, from there we went to the tag office because I had to get a tag mine technically was dead. When we got there the place was packed but we got number 180 and they were on 174. We were out in 20 minutes or less. We got everything done by 1145 am. All I had left to do was go to the police station and get the paper work for the insurance guy and take the kids to therapy. I could not go to the police station until 3 so I took the older kids to the flea market to look around.

We got to the flea market and there wasn’t a lot of people there selling or shopping. Everyone who was there was closing up. We walked around and looked at what was there. While we were this guy came up and asked if the kids liked to fish? I told him yes and he handed them three fishing poles. They need line but other than that if the reals work they are ok poles. Then on the way out he stopped my son and handed him a box and told him to enjoy and have fun. It was a remote control car. An older one but once he gets batteries for it I am sure he will have fun with it.

We stopped on the way home and bought a $5 pizza because I am out of lunch stuff and it’s cheaper than buying stuff at the store to heat up fast and we have no microwave to heat anything either. We hadn’t eaten today yet so we were all hungry. I wanted to get those things done I was going to stop and get something after the tire and forgot, ended up at the tax office. We got out of there so fast I was shocked I figured we be out at almost time to be at he police department we just grab pizza on the way. Then I thought of the flea market and figured we walk through there quick before we went home since we got out much faster than expect.

I was just shocked how much we got done in just two hours and forty five minutes. With drive time and waiting everywhere. I am starting to feel tired now and plan to go ahead and take my pill tonight. I have to stop missing it or it isn’t going to work. Once I do it will knock me the rest of the way out. But that is ok because I don’t have to be anywhere until tomorrow after noon. I really want the little kids to go to daycare but I don’t feel like getting up and taking them and it isn’t even morning yet. Is that bad or what. I used it today and I will probably use it Friday if not tomorrow. Guess I better go for now before I fall a sleep and drop the computer off the bed.


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