{December 29, 2016}   Oh Glorious Sleep

Last night when I finished writing my post I felt really sleepy all of a sudden, I decided to go ahead and take my pill even though it was later than I normally take it. I knew we wouldn’t get up before 8 or 9 anyway so I would be okay. Boy was I surprised when I woke up and it was 12 already. I sleep for just about 12 hours straight. All I remember is putting the computer under the bed and taking my pill. I kind of remember getting up in the night going to the bathroom and then the dog waking me up this morning wanting to go out. I had the kids get up and take her out and went right back to sleep.

I woke up and Little Bitty was gone, I don’t know when she got up because I didn’t know she had left. Most the time I will feel her move or hear her go out the door but I didn’t today. I guess Big Boy got up before my Big Guy or they got up at the same time because most the time my Big Guy will come in and wake me up a 100 times telling me he is hungry and wants to eat. Yes I feed him that 100 time is in like 5 minutes why I am trying to get woke up and get up. He likes to eat and when he is ready he is ready. My Big Boy came in and said he had given the little kids a bowl of cereal and they were playing air hockey.

I have to say boy did I need that sleep, I have been going to bed so late lately and not sleeping well most nights. That 12 hours or so felt good. I feel like I could lay back down and go back to sleep right now and sleep a while but I think that is just because I am board and can’t get comfortable really anywhere else but my room. We still only have the love seat in the house the couch is still in the back stored because I can’t get anyone to get it in the house for me. The love seat is so small if two people sit on it you feel like you are sitting on each other. The kids are out there playing and things there is no where to sit really. It isn’t them it’s just the way thing are right now and not having the couch in. I don’t know if I would sit out there anymore if the couch was in because it isn’t comfortable.

I wanted to go get my other set back or a different set so I don’t lose all the money I have paid into that set but I don’t know if I will have it to do or not now that I have had to borrow money and need to fix my truck again. It just sucks all around right now. But it could be worse a lot worse and it isn’t so I am not going to let it get me down or depressed. So far I have been good I just hope i can stay that way until I can start getting things back in order. I don’t feel so much like everything is happening to me it just feels like this is life shit happens we have to deal with it. Before it seemed like anything and everything that could go wrong was going wrong and it wasn’t anyone else dealing with such shit it was just me. I don’t feel like that I don’t want to feel like that.


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