Have you ever had a project that you wanted to do and you knew the things you needed but were looking for just the right ones for your project? You know the ones that when you see them for whatever reason when you look at them your like that’s it and no other will do! I got to have that for my project!

Well that is where I am at right now I decided to take on this project two nights ago and have been working on it in my free time and until I fall a sleep the last few nights. I have been trying to find the right thing or things for it. Two nights ago I found it the one that just screamed this is it, this is the one that I have been looking for now lets get it and get the project done. I could have had the project done yesterday/last night if I had this one thing. I went yesterday in my free time to get this one thing that was supposed to be free so that I could do my project. When I started doing what I needed to do get it, this message pops up and says enter your payment information. Item cost this much. I go and start looking around and even though it is supposed to be free you still have to pay like 5 cents for it. Now I have no problem paying 5 cents for something. But there is a catch, always a catch, when you put your information in to do this it keeps it and now bills your card every month and the price goes up. Of course you can cancel at anytime but, I have done this before and played hell canceling it and it took months at which I did not get any of my money back. I use to have a little prepaid card that I would keep a couple dollars on for things like this but have not needed it in years so I don’t know where it is. I have now went back to using only prepaid cards for things like this after just using my card once and having this happen. Because at least on a prepaid card if the money isn’t there they do not get their money and it will auto cancel you, where if I have it hooked to my bank it will just over draft my account. They get their money I have to pay the bank all the money and fee’s and they take it out next month again.

So now I am back to looking for just the right thing or things for my project again so that I can get it done. It shouldn’t take much time at all once I find that one that just jumps out and is it again.

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  1. Tabbi
    Jan 01, 2017 @ 16:25:12

    I’m sorry. It appears that I can read posts, comment, and see things…but I can’t post anything. My account won’t load and hasn’t for 2 days now. It’s really bugging me. So this is the only way I can say…Happy New Year.


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