Happy New Years everyone, hope that you all had a safe and fun new years eve. Mine didn’t go as planed but it was still an okay night. My grandpa was supposed to be here around 2 to look at the washer and I was going to go pick my friend up when he left and she was going to hang out for the night. He didn’t show up until after 6 pm. It took forever to just get the washer apart because of the way the newer ones are. My old washer didn’t have a back you could just pull it out and work on it. This one has a back all bottled and clipped on there and a bunch of wires ran all over hooked to the back panel.

He got here just as I was about to cook the potatoes and corn to go with the roast I had in the crock pot. I started them had my oldest watch them why I went out to help him. When it was all done I him and them plates but he wouldn’t eat. I went back out to help him farther of the year called and wanted to know if he could come see the kids. I’m thinking he needs to take them do something with them let them come over but that isn’t going to happen. I told him yes because I figured he could help grandpa with the washer too if he needed it more than I could if it came to moving it outside and things like he was talking about. My grandpa is 75 or older he don’t need to be moving washers. I moved it out and things for him but I couldn’t get it out the door and things if we needed to take it outside.

Grandpa got it all apart finally and said the part he thinks it is will most likely cost a lot to replace. He said I could probably get another used washer for what I would pay for the part. But I don’t have money for the part or another washer even if it is used. He said he had one at his house a lady gave him that he started checking it out and it seemed to work but he didn’t get to finish checking it. He said he was going to go home and check it out today or tomorrow and if it worked then I could have it. Once he checks it out I have to get gas to go and pick it up. Right now I have $15 to get gas to take the kids to and from school this week and buy dishwasher soap, shampoo, body soap and anything else like that we need. Oh I think I have less because I had to spend some on food yesterday and coffee filters so I could make coffee for my grandpa when he came and for the dinner. Father of the year didn’t give me anything this week and isn’t again for who knows how many weeks. I can’t believe it I am ready to lose my mind on him. I am going to take the microwave and the washer and scrap them if the other washer works that should give me gas to get the new washer, he lives about 20 miles or so away. I may end up scrapping my big grill that I have out there too I don’t know yet. I didn’t want to but if I have to in order to get the stuff I need I will. I am going to try to list the things I have left from the yard sale again hope to get a little bit about of them. I still have the toddler bed left a few other little odds and ends. I was hoping to have enough to buy a scale so I could list on ebay. I have to be able to weigh the stuff in order to for people to figure out the shipping cost or so I know how much it is going to cost to ship if I include shipping.

I want to call him and see if he has checked out the washer but I know he hasn’t he is probably just now getting up and then he will have to eat and get ready for the day and all that. He didn’t leave here until 11 or close to it last night. He got sick and dizzy why he was here with his sugar. I tried again to get him to eat something he said no he just needed something to drink sweet. I gave him a glass of soda and he stayed a while until he was feeling better. The kids all had to play air hockey with him before he left. I know he didn’t get home until after 1230 because I called to talk to my grandma and he said he was about 10 minutes from home then.

I hope this washer works and I can just go get it later today. We need to wash clothes now and can’t we are pulling out anything and everything we can find to wear and the beds need to be washed. I don’t want mounds of blankets sitting in the way and we don’t have but one set of sheets that fit my bed, I have a couple sets that are supposed to fit it but they don’t. I have to buy king for my bed in order for them to fit and stay on even though it is a queen. I am going to wash some stuff out by hand to wear and dry it. I am going to wait a few days on the sheets they aren’t horrible just getting to be time to wash them again. Then if I don’t have one in a couple days wash the sheets out by hand and dry them. The blankets will have to wait, I have extra so if it comes down to it I will just have to fold them up stack them in the laundry room and wait until I get a washer. Fun times but it could always be worse so all I can do is just keep going this is nothing compared to what I have been through.


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