The other day in Disappointed I told you all I was working on a project, I am happy to say that it is now done. I would love for all of your feedback on what you think. You may or may not have figured out what it is by now but if you haven’t let me tell you and show you. I started writing A Single Parent’s Life a long time ago. When I did I was clueless to everything (and still am on a lot) blogging. I had never done anything more than read them and I hardly ever done that, just here and there if something popped up that caught my eye when I was looking for something else. I had journal-ed a lot when I was younger before computers were big. I have a bunch of them packed in a trunk over there. I was not interested in writing in notebooks and having them all over again. I have tried off and on over the years to get back into it and just couldn’t. I would lose the notebook have stuff written in 10 of them but only a few pages in each. I wanted to write again but in a simpler way that was easy to keep. I tried writing on word and starting a file there but that just didn’t feel right. One day while looking for something I came across a blog and thought I should try that. I can write, it will be kept nice, organized, out-of-the-way and hey maybe I can meet some new and interesting people.

There I went searching to figure out how one went about putting together one of these blog things. I found that they were linked to sites and that there was a bunch of different ones. Of course each one offered different things. I again was clueless what all that different stuff meant or how important it was to me and my blog. I seen that most had a free service or a paid service you could use and that you could go from free to paid if you later decided to but that also meant different things for your blog depending on what site you went with. I finally decided what I felt was important to me based on my understanding at the time and research the different sites to see what offered what I wanted that people liked. That is how I ended up here.

I had no idea what to call my blog or write about. I thought about what was going on in life at the time and that was my separation and future divorce. I knew it would be a lot of what my life was going to center around, that and figuring out this single mom gig. That is how I came up with the name A Single Parent’s Life. I now had a site to use, a name to use all was left to do was get started on “building” my blog. I didn’t know what I was doing, how to add pictures for backgrounds, themes or anything like that. I had no clue what a widget was or if I needed them. If I did how did I use it and get it to work on my blog? Thank God the site pretty much walking you through everything. I grabbed a premade theme and figured out widgets and what do you know I had a blog.

Before long I started to get likes and followers, over the years I have went in waves of being on and then being gone for a while. Posting a lot not posting much at all. Just depends what life is throwing at me at the time. When I have internet and me time I am here. When I am gone extended times or not on often it is mostly because I don’t have internet or privacy to write. No family and few friends know about my blog and no that I know reads it at all. But that is okay it is my private place to come and feel safe in sharing whatever I want and to say whatever I want. With no worries of anyone seeing it and getting all pissed off and causing problems. My ex found it at one time when I started and I told him I deleted it. He can’t find it again he came across it from something of mine I removed it from where I posted about it. He asked a few times I just ignore him and go on talking about something else. One reason I don’t use any names and things. Someone did come across it unless they just hit the right post or so they wouldn’t really know it was me either.

But anyway all that to say that I have had the same blog all these years and had never changed anything just kept writing new post and pages. I got to thinking about it Saturday and decided I wanted to give it a new look instead of the same things I have had forever. I am still pretty clueless about how to put together a blog to start with and how to change one. I didn’t want to use one of the premade themes but didn’t know where to start to make my own. I started researching that and it seemed involved and honestly confused me. It was saying I needed to go to some other site to make the theme, then test it and make it live or something like that if it worked. In order to test it and put it live I had to move in from the other site onto here. I decided that was not something I wanted to get into right now nor did I really have time to research each part of it,figure it out, build it, try it out, and then move it. But looking through the themes I didn’t find any that just jumped out at me and said this is it this is my next blog page or whatever you call it. I just didn’t like them. But I knew it was time for a change, it had to be done I had to do something. I didn’t want the same old blog for the new year. I had plan to have it done for the first until the thing happen with the picture but I think I am doing pretty good we are only three days in and it is done. Here’s to another 5 years, no I will try to keep up with it more this time but I can’t make any promises.

That is where the disappointment comes in, I searched and searched for pictures to use and wasn’t finding anything. Then suddenly this picture came up that I loved, it screamed this is the one use it. I was happy because I had not really looked very long at all. I went to download it and that is when it hit me with wanting me to pay five cents for it sign up for monthly use and I didn’t want them to take money out of my account because of the problems I talked about in my last post.
I finally found a picture that I like maybe not near as much as the first one but it was nice. I then went looking for others. I wanted something for the header but wasn’t sure what. I looked and looked to try to find something to go with the picture. Then I remembered that I seen this on Facebook and there was a quote that I really liked. I had to crop it some to keep it from having it swallow the page and make it hard to see. I did not use all of  just the top part. But I love all of it. I couldn’t figure out everything but I was able to use a premade theme and add all my stuff to it and make it mine. Here is the whole meme from above. blessed2I hope you all like it. Again I would love some feedback good or bad and please let me know if you run into something that don’t work or isn’t right. Here is a link to the home page Single Parent Life in case it does like mine when I click on a post to read it the page does not show up just the post and links. If I want to see your page and the background and things I have to click about a dozen things to get to where I can see it. Not sure if that is normal or if something is wrong. I changed the name a little and things as well. I am sure I will go back and tweak it here and there over the next few days as I am still trying to get the font the right size and easy to read. But again that might just be me because I need to get my glasses. But I want to make it easy and comfortable to read for all.

Edited it to fix a few things and add a few. I don’t know what happen last night I was wide awake and all of a sudden couldn’t hold my eyes open for anything. I thought I saved the post not published it. But either way here it is.



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