I am not sure what happen but after I finished updating My Project Is Complete I went and was looking around at my blog and the changes. I noticed my widgets were missing. I am not sure what happen to them because they were there and I edited them when I was doing everything else yesterday. I went to see if maybe I hit a button that hid them or erased them by accident since I got so sleepy. When I went to the editor it said there wasn’t a place for them with that theme. I know I picked that theme partly because it had them. They were on the left side of the page instead of the right when I was editing them. I didn’t care for that but was ok with it since I could do everything I wanted to do with it other than having them where I wanted them. I figure you are not going to get everything perfect unless you build your own so I am willing to live with some small things here and there. I looked all over to try and figure out what happen to them but couldn’t so I changed things up a little because I had to get a new theme to use.

I set everything up with the background and header picture then fixed the color for the boxes worked on the font sizes type and color. I like the font to be black but found it hard to read in some places with the background. I like it the way it is and hope that I don’t find anything else I missed or need to fix or change. If I do hopefully it will just be to whats there not starting over. There are a few things with this one I do’t like but again they aren’t going to be 100% when using ones already there. Of course I could be wrong too because maybe I just don’t know what I am doing enough to fix the things I don’t like. Who knows but I am happy with it either way.

So if you checked it out when I posted I finished my project and came back later and thought that it was different yet again or something was just off from when you checked it out. Your not losing it, it is different I did change it. I couldn’t just lose my widgets and not at least try to find them and get them back. I kind of like some of them. I was right about them being there on the first one when I was working on it. They were and I know they were because all the edits and changing to them I did was all there they just weren’t showing up on the page. I was glad to find them and find them just how I remembered leaving them because I was starting to think that I may be losing it.


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