I got yesterday’s posted in late but I got it in. I have been busy at appointments with the kids today. We had lunch and left, we got home at about 5 and I started dinner as soon as I changed my clothes. The kids are all most done with dinner and it’s not even 6 yet. I didn’t cook anything big tonight, I fried nuggets and french fries.

I am so tired right now I can hardly hold my eyes open to even cook. As soon as the kids are done they are having their ice cream they asked for, by then it should be dark and I am putting them to bed. I need to wash some clothes and then I am going to bed. I am thinking about laying down and for a little while then getting up to wash them because I don’t even know if I can stay awake long enough to wash them. .I have not went to bed before 6 am for the last week so far. I am slipping back into bad habits. I have to start taking that pill again. I think I will lay down then get up do a few things and then take it about 10. I will just take a late nap and once I take the pill it will make me sleepy anyway so I wouldn’t ave to worry about sleeping tonight I will. I should have taken it this week but by the time I got to where I could take it, it was way to late.

I maybe back later not sure. I have been working on a few other post in between other stuff. If I am not back tonight I will be sometime tomorrow. I have to get this house ready for everyone including myself to go back to school Monday. I am not looking forward to that but that is another post for sure. I want to write but I am so tired I keep writing this and that and none of it makes since. I am sitting here now trying not to fall asleep as I type this.


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