I went and signed up for my classes yesterday only to see that sometime after that they cancelled one that I really needed. I didn’t do good last semester out of my 5 classes so I am on warning, I had to talk to an adviser and he signed me up for them. That one class means the difference of taking classes next term or not because I have to have it before I can take most of my next classes. I was taking it at the school in a class vs on line this time. Well now I have to take it on line because it was only offered one on line and one at the school. Now I have to take it with the same teacher I had last time and I am not happy about that because I do not like the way she did things and the fact she used a different book than she told us to get and you could never keep up or just winged most things. I also gave her a bad review when we had to fill them out at the end of the class because I was not happy with her lac of help with things when there was questions about where to find the work in the book because we all had different books.

But anyway that isn’t the biggest problem. The biggest problem I have is with the price of these books we have to get for each class. The first book I ever bought was $300 and something for one book that I hardly ever used. I then found a book place off campus but still end up paying around $300 to $400 to rent my books each term.

Yesterday I went in to the school store because they say they price match. I asked how much it would be for the 4 books I needed. I just wanted to rent used no big deal. The guy looks comes back and told me $418. Needless to say I did not get them there. I just wanted an idea before I went to my place to get them. I then went to my place to get them and they came to $290 something. $10 is because I deferred payment.

My friend has told me she got them on amazon really cheap. I figured she just had cheaper books or whatever I would have to have the money upfront and I never did. Well last night the kids talked me into giving them cash for all their amazon gift cards they have laying around here. I put them all in and there was over $200 in gift cards. I bought toilet paper because we are going to be out here soon and I do not have enough to buy any and I found some good priced decent mattress bags for our little problem we are fighting. I ordered 5 bags and the toilet paper came to just over $100, I didn’t think that was bad for a king, full and three twin and 27 rolls of tp.  That will last us months.

Back to my point. When I was looking at things on my account with amazon and placing my order I seen the book rental thing. I wasn’t able to look at it last night because I was falling a sleep while sitting at my computer trying to type. I just now got on there looked up all my books and they come to $142 to rent all 4. Now that is a pretty decent price for 4 books. That is around $35 a book with free shipping each way. Great price really. The book place I go to wanted twice the price of the book and the school store wanted 3 times that price. If they can sell it at a decent price and ship it two ways then why can’t these stores sell them for a decent price when we are walking in and picking them up no shipping either way? I would still be willing to pay the $35 a book even though they are not paying shipping because I know they have overhead and things and really $35 is a lot for a book but at the same time it isn’t.

I just don’t understand why the schools and these places have to charge so much for things and rip people off because that is just what they are doing. It isn’t even like oh the students live on campus they are charging them or something. No one lives on campus and there are a bunch of stores around to buy stuff at without paying an arm and leg. But the book store at the school charges like it is a little store or gas station and they are the only place around for 100 miles to get anything. I do not know how they stay in business other than they are in the college their-self and they just keep them there.

I am going to ask the other stores if they can price match it if not I am just going to order off line. Well a couple of them any way. the ones I can. I can’t order all of them off line because I am $53 short of ordering all of them off line. I will just get what is cheapest off amazon and then get what is cheapest at the book store. Hopefully they will price match and I won’t have to worry about it. Just going to aid to get them to put my book voucher on so I can buy them.


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