Well I don’t physically have it in my possession yet but I will have by tomorrow I hope. I was supposed to pick it up tonight but they had something to do and I guess didn’t get home until late because I have not heard from them. He has 4 kids as well, all but one younger than mine so you know how that goes.

But last night something kept saying text my Good Friend and ask him if he knew anyone with a washer for sale. He is like me and knows a ton of people and always looking for deals and things. I text him and ask if he knew anyone that had a decent washer really cheap?

He asked how cheap? I told him it had to be really cheap because I had no money and would have to find someone to borrow the money from until I got my money next month. He asked when I would have my money I told him as far as I knew what date it is supposed to be here. He called me because he was driving and said he just bought new ones a couple months ago and had his stored to sell but had not had time to sell them. He said he was going to list them for $200 but if I wanted the set he would sell them to me for $100. He said he knew I needed it so I would come get it and pay him when I got my money. We were going to get it tonight but like I said he had something to do so we will get it tomorrow and be able to hook it up and use it.

I have the slide, swings and things here off the kids swing that got damaged in the storm. He stopped by the other day when Father of the Year was taking it apart and told him he wanted the wood from it. He had asked me about the slide swings and things like that before and wanted to buy them. But I was going to get more wood and build another one or fix theirs. But then the wind has blown it over and broke it more while I was trying to get the money it didn’t seem safe to even try to fix so I decided I just build a new one. But I have been thinking about it and I could probably get one of the metal ones for cheap right now because it is “winter” and that stuff goes down then most the time. I won’t have that big swing to move when I move and if I can’t take it with me I don’t have a lot invested. I think I will tell him he can have the swings, brackets, nuts, bolts and slide if he wants to knock some off the washer and drier. That way I have it partly paid for. I am going to see if I can get Father of the Year to help buy the swing since it is for Little guy too. I won’t be out much on the swing either. He won’t be waiting on as much for the washer and drier and he won’t have to buy that stuff for the one he is building. Works for all of us really.

I am waiting on my little ones to go to sleep so I can play a game with the big kids. Everyone is in bed right now, I am sitting here listening to the dishwasher and the what I can hear of the tv. Night court just came on I am listening to it. I use to love this show when I was younger. One of my favorites as a kid. This and Cheers, where everybody knows your name ha ha. I think I will move my computer into the living room so I can watch it as I work on my other project and wait for the little ones to go to sleep. I have a feeling the big ones will fall a sleep before the little ones. Oh well guess we will do a game night tomorrow night if they do.


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