I stayed up way to late last night playing game with the older kids and then tried to sleep this morning. I went to bed about 4 and the kids were up by 8. I tried until about 11 to sleep but the kids would leave me alone so I finally got up and we had lunch. I wanted to go bet my washer but it was raining, then I remembered my seat to the truck was sitting out in the rain. I had to go move it but it was already wet.

I finally got the washer about 5 this evening. We got the old ones moved out the new ones moved in cleaned up from sitting in the shed for a few months and have the second load of clothes washing and the first drying. Its a really nice drier well worth the $100 on it’s own. The washer isn’t bad either it is a good brand that are supposed to last and it seems to hold more than my old one. Its a little older than the drier and has a little rust on the bottom. and around the back of the lid. But it isn’t in bad shape really. I can not complain for the price and the fact he is letting me have them for over a month without paying him.

I have tore my room apart and put it back together put mattress cover on the bed and all. Washing the sheets off mine and all the kids why I am supposed to be cleaning their rooms and putting covers on their mattresses. I sat down for a break and decided to check in since I haven’t been on today. I am just trying to get the house clean really good and organized before Monday when we all start school. Now I won’t have a week between assignments for classes like I do most the time I will only have a day between some of them since I am taking the one class at the school and have to be there twice a week.

I better get off here and get the girls rooms done. My Little Bitty is wanting to go to bed, even though it is her mess everywhere in there that needs cleaned. She gets really grouchy once she decides she is ready to go to bed. She is borderline right now. I want to get done so she can go before she goes into full blown meltdown. It is late but I could not really start anything until I was able to wash stuff. If I done it before i would have stripped beds and a bigger mess with everything in the way. Now everyone has nice clean sheets and blankets for the night once the load gets done washing and drying. Thank God for my friends.


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