My last post I had just logged into my school stuff and seen all my classes open and started to feel overwhelmed thinking about having to go to class at the school and keep up with my three online classes. For some reason in my mind I feel that going to class at the school verses going online complicates things and makes more work than just taking them online. I don’t know why I think this way. I am going to have to do do the same work I would think in class as out of class and taking this class this way I hope keeps some of the work down because I won’t have to do the video’s that I didn’t do last time. I am hoping that we will do that kind of thing in class or that this teacher don’t require them. Then I think do I want to sit in-front of the class and play counselor to someone with everyone watching me and listening? Either way there is no getting around it, it is a class I have to have and I have to have this semester in order to take classes next semester.

I think the other thing that is bothering me is the fact of having to take this other class with this teacher I had last semester but they cancelled the class at the school I was going to take in person. It is another one I have to have this term in odder to take classes next term. I don’t like working with this teacher, but I guess on the plus side I have a lot of the work done for the class. Hopefully she will take it. I will just tweak it and then turn it in.

I just feel like I can’t get everything in order in the house. I feel over ran with laundry that I am never going to get it caught up. That is the biggest thing on my mind right now, I feel that in order for everything to work out and to be able to do everything else and handle my classes it all needs to be washed and put away. I been washing all the blankets and things because the beds needed washed, there were already blankets that were waiting to be washed when it broke and then all the clothes from not having a washer since before New Years. Plus the boys had a ton of clothes all over their rooms.

I am so mad at them over this room, we have been having problems with this room for over a year. They do not want to clean no mater what. I have tried punishing, rewarding, doing it myself and ignoring it. None of it works, I cleaned it all up nice and their dad has cleaned it up nice for them. We put everything in it’s place and made it easy to get to and put away, everything in it’s own bin, tote or toy box. Still trashed and left unclean 99% of the time. Tried just putting everything in toy boxes so all they have to do is pick it up and put it back in the toy box not worry about making sure everything goes in it’s right place as long as it is in a box. Nope don’t mater. Went to punishing for not cleaning it no tv, no games, no toys, sit in your room until it is done. Weeks later, two weeks later nothing is clean. They just decide to play with the stuff then. Tried rewarding them clean your room get to pick a movie, go to the park, play games, watch tv, or something else they want. Still not cleaned, tried the clean your room and keep it clean for so many months you can have mind craft. Even tried the if you can’t keep the room clean then you won’t keep your tortoise cage clean so you can’t have one until you can show you can be responsible for your self and clean up your mess, take a bath, brush your teeth and do your chores. Do that show me you can do it for 6 months we will look into a tortoise. I have even taken everything out of their room but furniture and that didn’t work, most the stuff ended up being donated and it didn’t seem to phase them at all. I don’t know what to do any more. I thought ok if I ignore it and don’t say anything about it they will get tired of living in it once it gets so bad and clean it. Nope and now I have everything two kids own to wear to wash because they did not even wash their clothes. I am not washing it they are washing it but still it is the point that now I have all this extra on top of everything from the washer being broken and now I have to start school tomorrow.

I am going to make the kids wash a load of clothes so they have everything they need for school tomorrow and make sure the little ones have warm stuff to wear. It is going to get into the 30’s tonight and only 64 or 68 tomorrow. We are Florida kids so we are freezing if it is lower than 80. Okay so maybe that is just me the kids are good until about 75 then they are saying they are cold.



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