I am getting ready for my first day of class in over 18 years and after figuring that out just now I feel really old and like I have wasted so much of my life. My mind is going to a 100 different places right now instead of this post. Ism’t amazing how fast the mind goes through everything and brings things up from so long ago in a split second. Anyway that is another post on to what this is supposed to be about.


I woke up to a mini freak out because my clock had not went off. While I did wake up 45 minutes late it all turned out okay. When I wake up I call the older kids and get them up to come get the dogs and take them outside. They sleep in my room because the pup (2 yo) as soon as she walks out of the room or her crate she has to go to the bathroom. If you are not right there putting her on the leash and taking her she will pee in the floor. So they come get her walk with her through the house get her leash and take her out. She is a good dog but there is just something in her mind that as soon as she gets up she has to go and it is like she can’t hold it.

I called the kids this morning in a panic because it seemed so late, I wanted them to get the dogs so I could get up and get everything going and everyone ready. My oldest My Big Girl came right in.

She said the clothes are in the drier, lunches are made, I just woke Noah up and we are eating. She said I woke up at 7:10 and got everything ready.

I ask her why she didn’t wake me up because it was then 7:45. She said no one could get dressed or do anything to get ready until the clothes dried so I didn’t figure there was a reason I had the rest of the stuff done. I knew Little Guy would want to eat so I got him up when I got ready to eat and we are having breakfast. She said the clothes should be done in just a little bit if they aren’t all ready, I am going to check them and get everyone up after we eat.

I just said ok and snuggled back in my bed for a little bit relaxed knowing we weren’t late and got ready to start my day on a calmer note and got a few minutes more sleep. I got up got dressed took them to school and was home by 9. I have put dinner in the crock pot, made a pot of coffee, heated and ate my spaghetti and am sitting here drinking my coffee and doing this.

It hit me last night that I wasn’t even ready for class I need a pad of paper and pen and my parking permit. I can’t find the printer paper I have no clue what happen to it in all the moving of stuff. I need to print the permit out and I need paper to take notes. Everything is in such a mess from going through everything I am not sure where to look for any of it. What I know where it is I can’t get to. I am going to have to get off here and get to the school early hope that I can use part of my book voucher money for a few things at the bookstore. I hate it because its way over priced but this morning I am not caring to much as I have no money or time to be running all over town to get it when it is 10:11 and class starts at 11:50 I am not even sure what room I have to look that up too. I just know it is building 5.

I will be back and let you know how it goes. Wish me luck I am going to need all I can get right now.


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