I printed my temporary parking permit on a sheet of notebook paper and headed to the security office to get my sticker for my truck. All the stressing and worrying over getting it printed out like it said we needed to do and the lady stressed to make sure I did was for nothing. The officer hardly even looked at it, she looked at it so close that she didn’t even know that it was a temp permit. She started asking me if I had one before. I told her I had never had one and then she seen that what I handed her was the temp one and that is what it was counting.

I went straight and put it on the back window on the drivers side like I was instructed to do and decided if I was going to stay parked where I was or fight the traffic to get a parking space closer to the building I needed to be in. I promptly decided to stay put when I seen how crazy everyone was trying to find a place and how tight the parking was and fast it was filling up. I put my book, clipboard and pin in my purse and headed to class.

It said room 207, I walked in and seen a sign that said elevators so I followed it to not find any elevators in sight. I think I walked a circle around the square halls and seen a kid looking at this door like he was scared to open it. I thought where it was it must be stairs but really wasn’t sure because of the way the place is set up and laid out. I said are those the stairs and he looked at me horrified and said I think so and ask these two ladies that look to be teachers and then apologized. They told him yes it was the stairs not to be sorry. He opened the door and we all went in. I couldn’t get to the door because they were all around it I didn’t want to be rude and step between or around them or I would have just open to see. I again walked a circle around the square hall looking for my class. I started down a hall and it seemed that the numbers were going up so I wen the other way and they were still going up. I was at like 220 and then went the other way and was finding 214, 218 and things. No rhyme or order to them at all. I was back at room 220 where I started to go down to start with and went the other way. I made the circle. I was thinking this wasn’t right I just walked all around and everything was in the 210 or more. Then I seen over in a corner 204 but still no 207. I started to go around the corner to the stairs as I did I finally seen room 207. I went in and there were already 6 other people sitting around the room and the teacher was already talking. I had to look at the clock to see if I was late but I was little over 5 minutes early. I sat down and still was’t sure I was in the right class, no one had books out, and they were all just talking about things to expect in the class and things. I pulled my stuff out and looked for my pen that I guess I lost between the truck and trying to find the class. I ask the girl at the table in front of me and she didn’t have an extra one so I ask her to get the lady in front of her she let me use one.

The teacher said about time for the class to start that we had two more people that should be coming in that they were probably looking for the class as the others had a hard time finding it as well. One came in about that time and then the other showed up a little late. Some guy come in and he said he was just looking in that he was teaching a class in there next. Our teacher said to the late people and the guy oh you found the closet and refers to the classroom as the closet. It is on the outside of the rest of the classes on the outer wall of the building in a corner with no windows or anything. The tables are up against bookshelves that are around the walls because it isn’t a very big room at all. So we are the class in the closet. It was kind of cold in there and if felt like it got colder. It is maybe 50 something out and they had the air on. I walked out of the house and forgot my jacket and coffee so I was cold but not super cold.

We went over everyone’s names, the outline for the class, what was expected and things like that. We talked about what we all wanted to do and why we wanted to take this class and went home. We got out about 10 to 15 minutes early. Walking back to my truck I started thinking I may as well just walk to and from school. By the time I got to my truck I only have 5 tenths of a mile or less to walk and I am home. It is probably another tenth to two tenths of a mile from the building I am in to where I parked. I do not see me parking any closer than I did today because like I said parking and space is horrible. I thought I was going to get ran over just trying to walk through there to get to class.

He said that we don’t really have homework, just things he will have us write down to go over and talk about in class. We will have 4 quizzes, two exams, two written papers, a project and a video taped interview at the end. I was like shit I am not going to get away from doing this video even by taking the class in class. But at least it isn’t 6 or 8 like the last one and we are all in this class together so maybe I can find someone in there to work on it with.

There seems to be a good mix to the class even though there are only 9 of us in there. There is one that is dual enrolled with his high school, one that said this is his last semester or class and he will be finished with his two year degree, there were two older ladies well not older probably in their 40’s the rest were young like the other two. I didn’t feel as out of places as I thought I would. I’m not the oldest there and not the youngest I think I am probably the middle of the group. There is one other girl there that I think may be in in her early to mid 30’s. If not then I am probably the only one in my 30’s. But that is ok.

I am glad to see that this is going to be a easy class, I didn’t expect it to be to hard because I have taken it before and just didn’t pass because of the video’s. But I expect a lot more work than what he is saying there will be. I just have to see what is up with the rest of my classes now because today is the fist day of them and I have only done the work for one so far. I have two left to do. But I think it is all due Saturday and Monday or Sunday and Monday. But I still have to log on and check in today since it is the fist day of classes. I don’t need to get dropped before I even get to start.

But I thought I would check in and let you know how my first day of my first on campus in class, class went. It is 1 and I have to leave to pick the kids up in an hour and half I am thinking about taking a nap. But I really should do the rest of my classes, put the clothes in the drier and start another load washing so I can get rid of this mound that is out on my carport for everyone to see when they drive by. I can’t help it I had to get it out of my house and if I put it in the laundry room I won’t have room to get around in there. I am just glad that it I am not all worked up over it all today like I was last night. I really felt like it alone was overwhelming me and going to cause me to stress about everything else but it did’t.


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