{January 10, 2017}   Cut it All Off

Today after counselling I stopped at my friends barber shop to see how she was doing. I hadn’t seen her since sometime last year around Thanksgiving I think. I went in she was slow and cutting on her hair. She decided to dye mine again. She did it a auburn color and then we cut it. My hair was down between my shoulder blades. We cut it all off really short it is not even on my neck it is just below my ears. She fixed it and things it looked good. I am not sure I like it. I have wavy hair and thought it would have more curl or wave to it. I don’t know maybe I didn’t let her cut it short enough in the front. I wanted to keep my bangs long because I hate short bangs. I just got home a little bit ago from the chicken club meeting. I took a shower and washed it to get the spray and things out. I wanted to see how it would look if it dried naturally. When she blow dried it it takes the curl out some. It’s not doing what I excepted at all. I am wondering if I had some moose and put in it or if I cut it shorter if it would curl more. I just hate the thought of having my bangs to short over my forehead.

I sent a picture to my friend he said um you cut your hair? I said yeah wanted to try something different not sure about it. He never answered. I said that bad he still didn’t answer. I think he is one that likes long hair.  My other friend ask what I was doing earlier I was just getting done I sent her a picture she said you cut all your hair off. My friend J said it looked nice I am sure she was shocked to see it too. Everyone will be because I have always had longer hair. One time back in high school I cut it off up past my ears. It was down past my butt when I cut it off then all at once. I just text my good friend pictures he said that was a big change. I hadn’t showed him yet either I wanted to wait until I washed it and played with it a little. I like it just washed and left to dry look better than the way she had it. I don’t know how I feel about it, it is not bad at all it really is a big change since I have only done this one other time and when I done it before it had no curl or wave to it. It was pencil straight so it is different this time than it was then and most of my friends now didn’t know me then other than my good friend. They are all use to me having it at least middle of my back. They all have long hair to so they like long hair.

I am still shocked my one friend didn’t say anything, I know he was shocked. I should have said um hey you shaved your head I’m not allowed to cut mine? Not like we are more than friends. I know he wants to be or thinks about being more but I don’t think we will ever be more than what we are or become more than what we have done. We see each other when it works out we are both free and can get together and that is about it. He wanted me to come over this weekend I was thinking about going but don’t know yet.

It’s just hair it will grow back sometime. until then I will get use to it. Funny thing is no one at all has said anything about the color change. They can’t get past how short it is. It is different for sure. I got out of the shower and I was holding my head back to put the towel around my back so that my hair wouldn’t lay on my back and be under the towel. I hate for my wet hair to be on my skin( I know I am Weird) and there was nothing there. I was like oh yeah. I bent over to wrap it in the towel and dry it. I had way to much shampoo and conditioner when I was washing it too because I am so use to washing all this hair that is gone now.

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