I don’t know any other way to describe myself right now. Well really lately over something that I saw and then was shown to me by my best friend. She seen it and said something about it. Her daughter is like 19 or 20 and she is pregnant. She is in North Carolina, she has been up there about a year maybe two and she has met this guy. I don’t think they have been together very long at all. Well I added her daughter on facebook one night while we were talking. I have met her once or twice when she was here. A day or two later I was looking through my page and this picture goes by of Father of the Year and some women. I go back and look and it wasn’t Father of the Year. It was my friends daughter and her boyfriend. This kid looks just like Father of The Year, he looks more like him than any of my three do or ever did. It is scary how much they look a like just one is younger and one is older. So me and friend have been laughing about it and talking about it. But then tonight we really got to talking about it again.

Then my other friend called me and I was laughing so hard because I just sent the other one a message and told her that her grand kid could come out looking like Father of the Year. She was not amused but we were talking about how old this kid is and how old Father of the year is and things. I told my friend about it and she said remember that dream you use to have all the time about him having some kid up north you found out about. I said yeah I know. I sent her a picture of my friends daughter and her boyfriend she about died she could not believe how much they look a like. Then she said something about what father of the year looked like when he was younger. I thought I had a picture over in a box I had found before Christmas and I had given them to the kids. My Big Guy’s was still in there. I took a picture of it and sent her and she was like no way. I then sent it to my friend who’s daughter is dating him. She was floored. But my friend who called me brought up a good point maybe it isn’t Father of the Years kid at all. Maybe it is his dads kid that no one knows about. That wouldn’t really surprise me either.

Over the weekend Father of the Year was here and I said I said any chance you have a kid in North Carolina you don’t know about? He said I DON’T THINK SO WHY? I just looked at him, I said you don’t think so? What kind of answer is that? He said no shouldn’t. I said you don’t think so and you shouldn’t? He said no I don’t and kind of looked at me and asked why. Then I told him about her boyfriend and things. He just laughed and that was about it.

But tell me something if you have no other kids other than the three you have sitting in the house, why would your response be I don’t think so and then I shouldn’t? Wouldn’t it be no why would you say that and how could I you were the first person I was ever with?

When we met he said he had not ever been with anyone else more than just fulling around. He never had sex of any kind with anyone. I didn’t believe him at first then kind of did. But always wondered for a while then just didn’t really care or think about it anymore. It was what it was I wasn’t going to think about it from now on we were together past is the past right. Even when I would have that dream about this kid showing up out of the blue that was his and joke around with him about it he would get mad and say I told you I haven’t been with anyone but you how could I have a kid, and get mad.

If you have never been with anyone else and your spouse or ex says that to you would your first two responses be I don’t think so and I shouldn’t? Wouldn’t response be why would you think that you know I wasn’t with anyone before or of-curse not why would you ask that you already know the answer to that or something? Not I don’t think so why? I couldn’t be talking about since we split up because he hasn’t been up there. That just seemed really odd to me, I wanted to say I thought that you hadn’t been with anyone else before we got together but I didn’t. I wasn’t getting into it with him. I wish I could post the pictures here and see what you all thought of them. But I don’t want to post pictures of her daughter and her boyfriend. I really don’t care about my ex but then I have his picture out there on my blog for ever one to tie back to me. Trust me you don’t wan to look at that anyway lol. Me and my friend are going to send the picture of Father of the Year to her daughter tomorrow. We haven’t said anything to her about them looking so much a like. I am just going to send it to her and see what her response is. The thing that is even odder is this kid don’t know his dad.

I said how does this work my best friend and my ex are grandparents to the same kid. I told her if it comes out looking like Father of the Year it is a deal breaker I can’t babysit.


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