I went to the school today the principle, teacher and one of the parents that helps out all the time were all standing around out-front still when we got there. I got out and we walked up the kids all got up and went inside it was time to we were running a little late. Mine were the last ones to get there and when they did they all went in everyone was there.

I walked up and the teacher said I didn’t do it. I said no your new kids did and I am not happy. She looked she said what. I said putting his hands on her yesterday why they were playing ball and twisting her arm behind her back! They both principle and teacher said we didn’t hear bout it until the end the day. I said oh I know she told me she did nothing about it and that she didn’t tell you all either and I got on to her for that as well. I said kids fight boys get in fights girls get in fights but I said she is not going to stand there and let no boy put his hands on her like that. I said I told her she is to punch him and kick him and if he fights back to kick his ass. I said it just like that. They said yeah we heard about it after school and you all had done left or I would have written up a report and give you and things. I said I am not worried about a report and I know you all didn’t know because she said she didn’t tell you. I said that is why I am here to make you all aware of it and to let you know this is what I told her be it him or some other boy hits her she is to fight back and defend herself. I said I am not having this or letting her sit here and let a boy put his hands on her and her do nothing and not defend herself stand up for herself or at least try and then not tell someone either. I said I am putting a stop to that right now because to much go on with women and they don’t tell her defend their self they think they just have to take it or they can’t say anything. I said I am going to get that out of her right now that no you do something and you say something you don’t let it happen.

They agreed 100% and said they found out after school there was another helper there and heard the kids all talking and went and told it, but not until after school. She said the helper was left to watch the kids during meditation so her and the teacher could talk to the new kid because she wanted two people with her why she did because he has accused teachers of bullying him and things in the past. She said the helper lets the kids talk and things during meditation. They all got together talking about this one new kid and how he was and what he had been doing and what he done to everyone that no one was seeing and things like that. That is when they were started talking about him doing this to her why they were playing ball and to one of the other kids. Teacher said I thought it was odd they were all playing ball and they do all the time then all of sudden the game just stopped and they all went and started doing something else. She said I seen him over by her but I didn’t think anything of it she didn’t say anything and I didn’t see it. No one came to say anything happen I thought they just stopped.

I told them I said I am not blaming you all and know that you all did not know because if you had seen it I know you would have said and done something right then. I know she did not tell you and if she don’t then you can’t do anything because you don’t know anything happen. I said that is why I am telling you today to make you aware of it and someone can tell him that I said he better not put his hands on my daughter again or any of my kids for that matter. I wanted to let you all know if he does what is going to happen. I said they said if we hit him schools going to… I said I told them not to worry about what you all were going to do because they  defended their-selves get out of the situation and come tell you all. You all know my kids and have no problems with them and if it is then we will have to find somewhere else but this is what is going to happen if it happens again with her or my son. She said no we understand, she said if he putts his hands on her again and she hits him I don’t think he is going to fight back she can come tell us the way he is. I said I figured the same-thing that when push comes to shove if he gets someone that is going to to stand up for their-self and fight back if they have to he isn’t going to know what to do. I said he has issues with women you can tell just by watching him. I said I seen the way he talk to her yesterday when she said something to him and I seen the looks he was giving not just her but myself and the other lady as well and when the other women would walk in and out of the room. I said that isn’t right at all.

When I walked up and she said I didn’t do it and I said not but your new kid did. They both said he isn’t here today he was suspended and we don’t know if he will be back at all. We were kind of expecting a message this morning but we haven’t gotten it yet. She said a guy came to pick him up and said she ask who he was and he said the moms boyfriend. They said oh well we need to talk he has had a pretty bad day. He did, this, this, this, he did this and that and named off all the stuff he done and said and things and told them he couldn’t come back today. She said I have never told someone they were suspended the first day of school but this was to bad to the kids and the teacher. She said he comes back and there isn’t a big change in him I can’t and won’t keep him here. She said I am not going to have that here causing problems for everyone else here.

That is what I like about it there to, they are a private school they are making money off the kids coming there but they are not going to put up with kids coming in and causing problems like that. This is not the first kid they have had this year that has caused problems and they nip it in the butt the first time they do not candy coat it and say well it’s a new school, they this they that. It’s they are old enough to know better they are old enough to know how to act and if they can’t they can’t come here. It’s not about making the dollar that kid brings in. Where a lot of the other private schools around will give them chance after chance make up excuses for them and everything else or just ignore it to keep the money there. I now of one kid getting their arm broke by another kid and this kid had been a problem and bullying the other kids for a while and complained about. The kids still got to stay said it was an accident or some bullshit the school said. That was at the school I was looking at putting them in at first I said nope not going to even start there then. The kids didn’t want to go there either because it was a few different people threw different grades that told us about kids all through the school picking on other kids and nothing getting done. Just like public schools they do nothing turn there back on it and so many kids are ending up dead and things over it. The school they are in have a lot of kids that have some learning problems and things. They are all very smart they just need to work at a slower pace or extra help understanding or more time to work on it and figure it out for their self. And to talk to most of them you would never know they struggle with this or that area when it comes to learning and to see some of the things outside of school they do or know about. I think my daughter is the only one that goes there that don’t really have a problem but she don’t care she loves it there and says she fits in there. She said she has friends and the kids talk to her and things. Because even though she was smart and things in school she was very quite and shy. So instead of getting to know her or what the kids picked her out as the easy target to pick on because she wouldn’t fight back and things. Here everyone gets along they are like a family.

I really like this school the teacher, principle, the principles wife and the couple of parents that help out a lot and have been there a long time are all very close and now that I am opening up and going around more they have excepted me in as one of them. They are so funny and we are all a lot a like and there is nothing off limits everything and anything and to much is talked about. That is what I like it is small and you can bond with the other parents and teachers in that way and just joke and have fun. If we get together like this morning when we were standing around out there talking or if I go in to help out or stop in toward the end of the day we are all ways laughing. This morning the kids all went in we talked about this kid what happen and everything then we got off on other stuff. And personal stuff and we started rolling and laughing we got to laughing so loud a couple of the students got up and was looking out the door at us and they were laughing because we were. They had no clue what we were talking about or laughing at. Out of everything here their school and their therapist are the things I am going to miss the most. Maybe more than my family sad to say when we get to move. It makes me sad and not want to move just thinking about it. I want to box them all up and take them with us. But even though we found such a wonderful school I can’t keep my kids in this area just because of a great school and therapist and the therapist is moving by next year as well. But she really wants to box me and the kids up and take us with her. She is trying to convince me to move up where they are going when they go. I am really thinking about it. Her husband already said he would help me and the kids get up there.

I better get off here and get out of here I have to go see my therapist. I have not seen her in 3 or 4 weeks now. I have not been on my medication so she is not going to be happy with me.


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