I made it through my second day of my in person class. I got there 15 minutes early and still had to park out across campus from where my class is and walk. I was hoping to get a little closer today. Figured I would brave it and try parking closer. I got to class a little early the door was locked the teacher hadn’t gotten there yet. He did a power point on self awareness. I understood and knew what he was talking about because I have had the other classes and took this one last term. About 4 of the others seemed to understand and get it as well. I don’t know what classes they had before this. I know we were supposed to take psychology before we took it. But over all most of it I understood and had an idea of what it was even before I took this class or the others.

To me it is just kind of common since stuff. Self awareness and biases I thought were kind of self explanatory but I guess not. One of the other people in the class I guess she is maybe in her 40’s probably stopped me after class and ask me if what he was saying made since and if I understood it. The way he went over it was a little off. He is trying to have a class discussion about things and people give examples of different situations we have been in when it comes to things we are talking about or there thoughts, understanding and view of it and people are not really jumping in and doing that. So he is just kind of up there talking and I guess not doing a great job of explaining it so that people understand. He is kind of all over the place as well but he is new at this and trying to figure out what works and trying to like I said make it a group conversation but the group for the most part I guess don’t know what this stuff is so don’t know what to say or to talk about. He isn’t put together and prepared to well it seems. He don’t have handouts of the stuff but says he is going to send links with the power points and maybe have print outs.

The most I really got out of the class was to go home do this assignment, read this chapter and email him with the email we use the most. Other than that it was about 30 minutes of confusing all over the place rambling. If I did not know what this stuff was I would probably be lost sitting in class I’m just trying to figure out what point he is trying to make or where he is going with stuff and then it goes off track to something else. I hope that it gets better, I try to figure out what he is getting at and jump in but when you can’t even figure out what his point is or what he is getting out then you can’t really jump in with input. When he goes from one random thought to another then it just impossible. Like I said he is new at this I think this is the second class he has taught that is it. I can’t even say and pin point one or two things that he needs to fix or do different it is like everything is just off and a jumbled mess. It seems like it is going to be like a train wreck that just happens over and over again for the next 28 classes if something don’t happen and he don’t start getting it together. I can read it and do it figure it out but some of these people are going to have problems when it comes time to take test and things like that because it isn’t gone over enough. Hopefully they will read their book and be able to understand it from there.


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