I am going to still keep up with posting once a day. It may not be posted that day it maybe the next day or even a couple days later. But I am going to make myself sit down and write it and save it so it can be posted when I get back on line. Because if I don’t I will lose so many post and will not have a posyt every day. May not count as a post a day if it don’t get posted that day but I am going with it anyway as long as I write every day it will get posted at some point. It is spotty with the internet the way it is but you do what you got to do to save money and make sure the kids have what they need and get to school.

I have to sit down and write it everyday because I will have this great idea for a post and then before I know it I have thought the post all the way through from start to finish then I just forget it. When I write I write it all as I am writing and think it through right then if that makes since. If I do it before hand and then come here to post I have no clue what I was going to say or thought about saying. It’s like once I have put time and effort into writing it once my mind lets it go and moves on even if I haven’t really written it yet. There have been a few post I swear I wrote went back looked for them and they were not here I remember the basic what it was about or why I was going to write it and look but I didn’t. To try to write it at that point it don’t come out like it would have had I written it when I thought I did. So now I have to write them and save them to post later. That will keep me in the habit of writing everyday and taking time for myself. I can’t be the only one like that am I?

I am going to go see what needs turned into day and get it done then copy everything else and work on it at home. I am starting to freeze in here they keep it like a meat locker then being shut up in this little room don’t help. I should be back tomorrow or Sunday.


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