I am sitting at the library now I should be doing my homework but I am messing around on here posting the post I wrote last night at home and now this one. I figure I will come here for now until I figure out internet at home. I want to get the one service but something keeps telling me to wait and not get it. I don’t know. I have never been crazy about the service before and switched from them. But I need to do something because I don’t want to have to come here or sit at the school all the time. That is the point in doing on line classes so I don’t have to leave my house right, and so that I can do them whenever not just when the kids are in school and i have time to run somewhere to use wifi. I have to have money for it when the bill comes I just don’t think I am going to have money to pay it when the bill comes even though it is cheaper. That is part of why I haven’t hooked up yet.

I got us this morning and looked at my phone just laying there charging over night it is now messed up even more. It has all these gray lines going through the screen behind the cracks and big black spots now. I have to see if I can get that label printed and the other mailed back today. I hope that I can print from where I am and figure out where to pick it up in this place once I get it printed. I am so tired I want to go home nap and then to my work but then I don’t have internet to do it. I can come to the library and it won’t take any extra gas. It is just up the street from the kids school so I can come as soon as I drop them off or come a few hours early to pick them up and go before. I can go to the college right by my house and use it at their library but I am not crazy about doing stuff at the school and not sure where I can use it other than the library and there is tons of walking to get from one place to the other and you have to park 5 miles in the middle of BFE and walk just to get to the buildings then try to find somewhere. I hate just sitting in the library there. It’s different than here the public library one, here I have a little room I can go in sit down close the door and not be bothered or out in the open around everyone else. The only thing is I can’t put my feet and legs up and it bothers me sitting with them hanging down like this all the time. It pulls on my back and gets it to hurting and it don’t take long for it to do that. I think I am going to log onto my classes do what I have to do that is due Sunday and then just come back or do the rest when I get my inter net back at home Sunday to be turned in on Monday. Or maybe drop the little kids at daycare and come back here when I drop the big kids at school tomorrow to get the rest done. I know I can’t sit her for the day working on all this and I am hungry. I didn’t eat dinner last night. I didn’t eat this morning. I am not a eater in the morning when I first get up.

Oh I can also copy and past the work into a document on my computer save it work on it at home and when I am finished I can just go somewhere hook up to wifi long enough to copy, past it and turn it in. I forgot I could do that that would save me a lot of time. Just like my post I wrote at home last night and pasted here today. Boy that saves me time and things. I think that is what I will do. I think I have one assignment done already from last class I can just hand it in.


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