I had no idea you could run out of data when using the hotspot on your phone. It said a couple days ago I had used 85%. That was the first I heard of that but ok it always tells me I have used about 85% of my data a week to few days before I pay my bill. But I always keep service and never notice any difference in how it works or the speed. I was going to be careful with it anyway in case it did slow down since it was running the computer. I need it to do my homework. Well I fell a sleep with it on the other night and didn’t know it. Tonight, I was doing something on line and it stopped working. I thought it was the site then I got a notice saying I had used my data cap and it would not work again until Sunday!!! That is when I have to pay my bill. It didn’t slow down it just went off all the way. I was not happy. I have to now go to the library tomorrow and get all my homework done. I have some due Sunday and Monday Two classes on Sunday and one Monday. I am hoping I haven’t missed anything tonight because most want you to do something with in the first three days of class. I looked at both twice and didn’t see anything due before the weekend.

I am glad I got at least one post done before it went off. I am so sleepy today I took my pill last night and I think it is my body trying to get use to taking it again. I am still thinking about taking half at night and half in the morning. I think I will try it Friday and Saturday when I don’t really have to go anywhere. Take half Friday night and half Saturday then take half Saturday night and half Sunday morning and again that night. I am not sure how that will work if it will help me to now be so sleepy. I really do not want to go talk to them and get it changed it seems to be working for me other than making me sleepy. I don’t want to have to bounce around on different ones to try and figure out what is going to work for me and deal with worse side effects maybe.


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