Two more days of no internet. I still have two classes of work to get in. I have been so tired the last few days my head has been hurting. I am working on it tonight maybe I can slip in the livrary and get it turned in tomorrow. I hope they are open with Monday being a holiday.

I am writing my post so that I can post them when I get somewhere to turn my work in. I will hopefully be able to post too. This maybe a mess I am doing from my phone that is not only got the cracked screen and big black spots on it but now gray lines going through it all. I only see a little of what I am writting even with flipping the screen sideways.

I tried to print the lable out to send the other phone back but it said you have to call customer service and have all this information. I called father of the year Tuesday told him my phone is worse I need him to do what they told him amd send that phone in because i dont have all the information or know what all they told him. He of course said ok but has not bothered to do it so i am just praying this one works until the17th of next month.

I am going to go this is giving me a head acke trying to look through all this mess on the screen.


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