I was just looking and trying to figure out what Father of the Year gave me for money and when and how to add it in. I have an excel spreadsheet that I use to keep track of it all. The first row is what he should pay that week, the second is what he does pay, the next row is how much he is behind, the following row is how much he paid on what is behind and the last is how much total he owes. I think I am just going to add it as the $200 he gives me this week since he never gave it to me and I have to pay it back out of the $200 he gives me. Be easier to keep track of why he gave me so much but then it going out twice.

He borrowed $133 from my sister to pay the lights so they didn’t go off. He is supposed to give me $200 this week, of which I have to give $133 back to my sister so that will leave me with $50 for my phone and $20 for gas and I will have nothing left. He will give her the extra $3 when he goes to pay her. Then another week of no money what so ever for anything. I may have to keep a few dollars of the gas money to buy soap and things for the house again. The following Friday he has to give me at least $87 for the lights again, by the first he has to give me $75 to go with my rent and he is going to have to give me gas money for the week. I am going to go apply at the store tomorrow and hope to get on there but it will be at least another 2 to 3 weeks before I get a check from them.

I was but wasn’t surprised to see that it is only the 12th of the month. It is going to be a long month with not having any money. I won’t get any money of my own until I get my money from school around the 17th of next month. Over a month away. It seems like this month should be more than half over already. I knew it wasn’t but I guess I kind of forgot since I hadn’t been keeping track of dates just days of the week so I know when to go where.

I wish I could lower my phone to a different plan so I only pay like $30 but then I won’t have the hotspot. I think I am going to be more careful how long I use the hotspot this month and try to just slide by with it until next month when I can get internet back at the house. It is cheaper than having my phone and the internet separate but it isn’t good for long term use like that. But for now I can get by. I just can’t do much other than school work on line at home until I get internet hooked back up. But it will save me some money for the month and not put me out more that I don’t have. I keep thinking even right now if I hook it up in a week or two I will get the bill and won’t be able to pay it so it is kind of pointless. Everyone keeps saying get turned on. I can make do and wait until I am able to pay it up and not have to worry about the bill and can keep it paid. I am working on putting together a budget as well to help me figure my money and what I need to make every month to cover things in case father of the year don’t pay. Then if and when he pays it can go into savings or extra for the kids.


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