Last night I sat down and put together a budget with what money I will get from school, the check I get monthly and what he is supposed to pay in child support. I think that I have about $800 more coming from school but I am not sure so I did not count it. They say there is that much set aside for my books but I did not use it. I have been told that is not counted in what it shows I will get back. I think it is but not sure. I figured I would not count it and then if I get it, it will just be extra and if not then I am not short. I also counted my tax money that I should get back the end of next month. I started it for March since I will have everything paid already for the most part for February.

I estimated my bills a little higher than what they normally are since they go back and forth with in $10/$20 each month. I figured them about $20 higher than the high ones just to be on the safe said. The ones I know how much they are I put in at the right amount since they don’t change like the yard guy and my phone. I also took $50 off the top for savings. I would like to save that every month but it may have to go for other random things that come up besides bills. But I figure the extra I added to the bills will make up for random things unless it is a big repair to the truck or something. I forgot to budget in for my newspapers I will have to go in and add that in because I am going to start couponing again.

I set it up on a spreadsheet so that all I have to do is punch in the numbers and it will figure it all the way across the board for each month when something changes. I went ahead and figured it out as far as I could go from on the money I will have and the money expected to come in. If everything comes in as it is supposed to I can pay everything through January of next year and still have about $200 left over and that don’t count the $50 a month in savings. I am not counting on Father of the Year to give me what he is supposed to but figure I will start working and make at least that much so I will make up for that. The times he does pay then that will just be extra in savings. Plus I do not have to make it until January I will get more money from school in September if I have to but hopefully I will be working and not have to get any extra at school the next few terms other than to pay for my classes.

I also didn’t tell father of the year or anyone else that I put together a budget and have it set up so that we shouldn’t have to worry about bills and things like we have the last few months and should be able to make it until January either. If I tell him he will figure he can skip paying me or short me when he wants like now but even more and if anyone else knows they will be wanting to borrow money all the time. I am not lending money or buying stuff for people all the time. I do and then I end up in a jam because most don’t pay you back.

I took off the top everything I need to pay back and truck repairs so that money isn’t added in there either. Only thing that I need to do is buy clothes for three of the kids and myself. I bought Little Bitty a bunch of dresses back in November for this spring when all the nice ones went on sale. I have them in the draw. I can put them in a bag and give them to her or just give them to her she won’t know the difference really. I try to take them one at a time or in a big group and buy clothes. If I take them one at a time she doesn’t know we went to get clothes or what and if we go in a big group, she can get her shoes she needs and some underwear and she will be happy and when we get home I can give her all her dresses I have here when the kids are putting theirs away and drying them on. She can try them on with everyone else. But that kind of things she still doesn’t pay attention to yet. I hid them because she would have wanted to wear them all this time they were too big and I didn’t want them messed up before spring and her need new ones again. But I spent about $35 on over $70 worth of clothes for her and she got more than I could get if we waited and went shopping now. That frees up more money to get the other kids things as well. It worked out good all the way around.


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