I was going to go somewhere and use their wifi to turn in my homework and put up my post I have been writing the last few days but that didn’t happen. Father of the Year waits until this after noon to call and say he isn’t coming maybe he will Tuesday. He was supposed to go and help the kids take care of their chickens their bands are getting tight and they need changed. I was going to go take care of my homework and blog. He said maybe Tuesday morning he would come and take care of the chickens for them he had stuff to do today.

I ended up loading everyone in the truck and driving up to Mc Donald’s and sitting in their parking lot to turn my work in. I had written most of it up at home but then I had to look at other people’s replies and respond to one of them. It took maybe 10 minutes at the most between trying to get hooked to their internet and logged in then post and reply. From 3 on all I heard was I want to get out, I want to go home, can we go in, I want to go eat, I want to get out, I want to go home and on and on. I would have taken them to the other one and taken them in to play and I could have gotten my school stuff and blog stuff done, but I didn’t even have money to buy them drinks or anything. If you don’t buy something I am sure they will be asking you to leave and the kids would have been having a fit wanting to know why they couldn’t have a million and one things. I just figured it was easier to do it the way I did it. They are the closes place to me that has wifi that you can hook up to. I can at the college but I didn’t have the information because theirs is locked down. I have to get with one of the instructors and get the password for students to use so that I can just pull over there and use it if I have to. Worse case their security will want to know what I am doing. But I have my parking decal and I am doing my work so they shouldn’t say anything right.

I am just aggravated that I could have internet for $10 a month and can’t even afford to pay that right now. He was making $4000 a month knew his job was going to run out and did not bother to try to pay his bills ahead to not get behind, didn’t bother to try to save enough to pay me each week or month so he wasn’t behind there. If he couldn’t save it and not spend it he could have given it to me and said I am trying to pay you ahead because I know my job is going to run out I don’t want to get behind. I would have it put up in savings and can do what I needed to do and I wouldn’t be getting notices that things are going to be shut off. But no, he pissed it away and blew it on god only knows what and could care less what his kids have or don’t have. Again, I am the one not able to do the things I need to do or trying to do, I am losing my stuff to keep things going for the kids.


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