yesterday I went up the street and did the little bit of work I needed to and turned in what needed turned in for the day. Between getting sick and keeping up with the kids I forgot all about what was due today. I thought of it a few hours ago and had to hurry and do it so I could get it in on time. No late work is taken and the work being turned in counts as you being in class since you don’t have to go to class. If you miss work it not only counts against your grade but can get you kicked out of class.

I wasn’t sure what was due because I get two of the classes mixed up. I am still trying to figure out how to keep them figured out. They are the last two domestic violence classes I have to take for my degree. There was three and I took the other one a few terms back. Boy was I happy to see that it was the one that I just had to take a quiz in. Only thing is I had to read a chapter first and it was a few pages shy of 40 pages. I looked over the chapter in the table of contents to see what it was about and just took the test. Thank God for the first class I took a few terms ago from looking at the contents it would have just been a review of the things I have already learned. I got 9 out of 10 right. The one didn’t make since in what it was asking, I wasn’t sure what it wanted to know so I put what i thought it was asking and I was wrong. But I was happy with the grade anyway considering.

Now I have to get on the ball and get the work for Wednesday’s class done before I have to go there and get started on this weeks work for my other classes. I have two due Sunday and one due Monday. I better get off here look my classes over quick and get off line I don’t want to use to much of my hotspot the first day. All though I think I should be okay as long as I don’t fall asleep with it on leave it on while I am not on line. Last month I was only at 85% used a week before my bill was due and ran out 4 days before. But I fell a sleep with it on a few times during the month and left it on while doing other stuff. I didn’t know it could run out.


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