{January 16, 2017}   Got To Love The Government

I filed taxes the other day and it is still waiting for the IRS to start taking returns. Then I get a letter from the tax place telling me because I got a little bit in earned income credit they will not release my return until at least February 15th and then I may not have it in my bank until February 27th. It pretty much says not to call or bother them until after the 27th if I do not get it. I thought I would be getting it back by the end of this month or the first week of next month. But nope not until almost March first now. I am going to put about $60 with that and use it to pay a month’s rent when I get it.

I am trying to work my budget so that I can pay 7 months’ rent. Then I will get money from school again. But hopefully I will be working by then as well and can keep paying each month until the year is paid off and I don’t have to worry about it again until January. I may keep enough out to pay for classes this summer to try and get on track after messing up last semester. If I do Summer classes, then I will finish Spring of next year. I was going to finish fall of this year or Spring of next depending on if I took classes this Summer or not. Now I have to take them this Summer if I want to finish Spring of next year and still not sure I will then or not. I don’t know I have a lot to sit down and look at and a lot to decide.

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