You know I don’t know why I left the library today when I did, I went to do all my work and get it done before I left figured I would stop at the kid’s school on the way home and wait for them to get out. Then I got hungry and tired and something just kept telling me to just save it so I could finish when I got home. I finally did and left. When I got outside I seen a truck with the hood open and a guy walking around it. He kept going back and forth to the front and the back. I walked by and got in my truck it looked like he was getting cables out of the back. I went by as I was leaving and he was behind it doing something. I thought he was getting the cables untangled but he came back with nothings. I asked him as he came around the side if he needed a jump he said yes and ran back around to get them. I finally got my hood open and we hooked it up and jumped it right off. It seemed to jump off pretty fast like as soon as he turned it over it started the first time. I think it is kind of odd but I don’t know. He unhooked the I got in my truck and left. I guess he did it would be kind of crazy for him to be trying to get someone to stop and help him to do something to them right there. He was in the first space just about in the middle of the parking lot right in front of the library. It’s a large library with a lot of meetings, kids activities and all kinds of other stuff going on all the time.

I don’t even know why I had that thought after I left because I never think that way about people and stop to help people all the time if it looks like something I can help with. Hell I even got in the truck with three different guys three different times over the years when I ran out of gas. Once my fault the other two was when the fuel pump was going on my dad’s van and we didn’t know it. Never once did I think anything of it or that anything bad may happen. Even when the one guy said to me you’re not going to kill me are you joking around. There was nothing odd or weird about this guy today you’re your average older gentleman in a little truck that needed a jump.


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