Me the one who did not realize their children had a half day today and still did not pick them up until after 4. Yep that is me. They have a sign up saying that school would be out tomorrow and Monday but didn’t say anything about it being a half day today. Most times they post it that it is half day or no school as well. It isn’t a big deal and I probably wouldn’t have picked them up any earlier if I had known but I feel like an ass for not knowing. I haven’t gotten a notice for this month either and they went back to school last week and we didn’t get one then either. Oh, well it could be worse I could have left them and they could not be I the aftercare program and that would be a problem. If they were not in aftercare I would keep track of it but I know that when school gets out they will go there and I will pick them up when I am done with the things I need to take care of. Like today we had therapy for my Big Boy and I do not take them with me. We must be there at the time the little kids normally get out of school. So instead of checking everyone out early for something only one needs to go to, I just check the bigs out and take them and let the little ones go to aftercare since I normally send them anyway.

If that is the biggest thing I screw up I am doing pretty good and not worried about it. It could be a lot worse. They don’t know I didn’t know they got out early and neither do the teachers because lots of the kids stay after because their parents work, they can’t just drop what they are doing and run there because they decide to have a half day all the time. It seems like they do have them a lot. They had half day because they are getting report card and no school tomorrow because of teacher meetings. The big kids only have a half day tomorrow too because of report cards. I do not understand this having a half day because of report cards coming out or not having school because of teacher’s meetings. We had teacher meetings in the evening after school when parents were not working and we went to school all day the day we got our report cards unless we were already getting out early for last day before holiday break or something. I just send them and pick them up and thank God they don’t have homework and they are learning something. Because there is no way I could teach them all and go to school myself. And the amount of homework I see other people’s kids bring home a night in kindergarten even and up is crazy. There is no reason for kids in kinder and first grade to have hours of homework a night and projects. My kids are learning as much as them or more and don’t come home with hours of homework. They can bring home what they don’t finish is class or work to get ahead if they want to. But they don’t even have to bring that home if they don’t want to they can just work on it in class. Kids just need to be able to be kids geez.


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