I have to figure out what to do about my medication, I don’t want to stop taking it but I don’t like how tired it makes me. I know that is nothing compared to other problems I could be having from it or others I may try. That is why I am trying really hard to figure out a way to stay on it. I took it good for about a month then missed about a month of it and then took it for about a week and missed the last few days. I also know it is not good to keep taking it here and there because it is doing nothing for me.

The problem is I am a night person, through and through if I had to pick a time of day to do something it would be late in the evening. I have been this way as far back as I can remember. I stayed a lot with my grandparents when I was young, my grandma worked the night shift at the hospital. She went to work at 10 or 11 and got off around 7. She did not drive so my grandpa would have to take her. I would be up until time to take her to work. We would drop her off and at least 3 to 4 nights a week we would stop at the old closed down gas station to fill up the water jugs. My grandparents had a well and you really couldn’t drink the water. Maybe 5 miles from there house and between their house and my grandma’s job was a station my grandpa use to work at. He knew the owners really well, they would let him fill up water jugs there for the house. We had two milk crates one with gallons in it and the other with half gallons. He would stop there and fill them up after we dropped her off. I don’t know why he did it so late at night like that, but he did. Then we would go home and I would sit up the rest of the night until I fell a sleep and watch all the late night shows with him. If I did go to bed I laid in bed and watched them on the tv that was in the room. That was before I was even in school. I remember doing it even after I started school. So being up at night is nothing new for me.

As I have said before if I take my medication in the morning it makes me so sleepy I can’t stay awake and do things I need to do. When I am awake I feel drugged and I don’t like that feeling. So I started taking it at night and that works because it helps me sleep and still works for me. The only problem with that is, I have to take it by 1030 pm in order for me to not feel sleepy in the morning for hours after I wake up. On the medication I get a full 8 hours of sleep and that is great.

But I have no time to decompress, just relax and just be. I have no time to work on my homework, blog or get other things done that I may want to get done or to watch my shows that I like to watch when I have internet and can watch them. By the time I get the kids to bed it is already 10 I have time to get things shut down and picked up around the house get ready for bed and it’s time to take my pill, 30 minutes or less later I am passed out dead to the world.

I am working on getting the kids to bed a little earlier but it won’t be before 9 pm if I do. The little ones I am working on getting to bed earlier because if they are in bed sleeping then the older two will go to their rooms and do something. The little ones are just so use to going to bed with the older ones they can’t fall a sleep easily when they are still up and they jump up and down waiting on them to come to bed. This is a work in progress like I said I am trying to figure something different out there.

I also want to try taking half a pill in the morning and half at night before bed. I want to see if that will make me feel less sleepy but still work for me. I think I may not notice a big change in how I feel the first week or two until I get it in my systome again. But I think that once it is in my system the main thing is just keeping it there so if I am taking the full amount they tell me to in a day it shouldn’t matter if I am taking it all at once or split up. I don’t think, I mean I am sure it will in some ways but I don’t think in ways that will affect me. I am hoping doing it that way I will not be as sleepy when I take it or feel as drugged when I take it. That way I can stay up and get things done in the evening.

I do have extra time in the day when I sleep at night but I am not focused in the day like I am at night. In the day I am thinking about the kids being at school needing to go get them, what we have going on for the day where we need to be getting there on time and all that. Where as at night I have everything for the day done now I can just sit down and do things without worrying about 10 others and having to run here, run there and make 50 phone calls while doing it. I just hope it works and I can keep taking it or that I can find a way to keep taking it and get the time I need in the evening. I really don’t want to stop taking it and I don’t wan to have to try something else just because it makes me sleepy.

No I will not learn to just be a morning person or day person and get my stuff done then. I worked mornings for 3 years or more being at work at 8 am and I never became a morning person. I hated every day I had to get up and be there even though I loved the job. If I could have worked evenings I would have.

Tomorrow I have no class and no where to be so I think I will take half of one and see how I do in the morning. I am sure I will already be tired so probably won’t tell much of a difference. But hopefully when I take the other half tomorrow night I will see a difference. I won’t be so tired.


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