The other day when I was talking to my mom and she started about me changing my name it pissed me off. Why would I not change me name back to my maiden name? Just because my kids have that last name I do not see why I should keep that last name. She says it makes things easier, I don’t know what things she thinks it makes easier, nothing I have ever had to do does it matter if my last name is shit and theirs is blue. No one has ever questioned it. Me having a different last name than them means nothings, proves or disproves anything. What am I supposed to keep that last name to save some kind of face? Or so people won’t know I am divorced or because some may think I was never married? I just don’t get it. She says so that if someone ever had to get a hold of me because of the kids if something ever happened. Well most everywhere has my name and phone number so that shouldn’t be a problem. If they don’t then I don’t know how they would find me to start with and if they were able to my last name isn’t going to make a huge difference because where ever they got their information to get a hold of me from would have to have both our information and know that I was there mother. I just don’t get what the big deal is. Please tell me someone if I am missing something here where this would make a huge difference?

When she started about the kids and said all my kids have the same last name and then… I stopped her and told her no Little Bitty did not have the same last name as the rest of my kids. She said something about she didn’t know why I went and gave her his last name or something like that talking about RC. I stopped her again and said no she don’t have his last name either she has mine. She again started about I should have just kept my name the same and gave her that name too. I said why would I give her that name she isn’t an X nothing to do with them not related to them. She said well she isn’t a my last name either. I said yes she is and she kept on that no she wasn’t and all this. I was getting really pissed off and I just shut her down and said I got to go and got off the phone because it is none of her business number one, number 2 again what is the big deal? and three how can she say she is not an Y when I am a Y and she came from me? I said she is both Y and Z just as much one as the other because I am her mother and RC is her father. She still tried to argue with me she was not.

If you do a DNA test on her or anyone for that matter it is going to say they have dna from this person and this person. The mother and the father. In that case the mother is from one family and the father is from another family there for she has two families dna in her. That would make them a Y and Z. Not any part of X dna would show up o she would not be part of the X family. So why would you give them X name and how can you say that she isn’t a Y or Z. She says she isn’t a Y because that is my families name not her fathers that technically she would be a Z but since he is not in the picture and she don’t know that side of the family then I should have just given her X name and kept X name and she would just be an X. I agree he is not in the picture and she don’t know that side of the family so then why give her that name if he isn’t going to know that side. But then at the same time she is also a Y so why not give her that name since that is also what she is and sine she will know some of that side of her family?

Really while writing this and thinking about it more I think it is again her own issues and things she did in life and she again thinks everyone should do things how she did them and they aren’t so she is mad. Maybe I will write more about that tomorrow or another time, I have to think about this a little bit.

I truly love to hear your feedback on this one and if I am missing the bigger picture here some how on why it is so important that I should not have went back to my maiden name? And am I wrong that she is a Y and Z and could have either last name sine she is? Or should she be a Z since that is her dads name? And not have my last name since that is my family? Can’t wait to see the responses I get on this because I really want to know if I am wrong here.


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