But I had to tell everyone how proud I am of my oldest, she is going to be 13 at the end of the months. She is the one I told you all about in my other post who got honor roll and who is ahead in her work at school. Today I go to pick them up and I am sitting in the truck and they come out and head to the truck to get in. Hot on their heals is the teacher. There was a car behind me but I figured she was coming to mine. The kids got in talking about the new kid and how he was being his wonderful self again. I asked them what they had done or what had happen why the teacher was coming to talk to me? They didn’t answer just went on chattering about the day.

She comes up and told me my oldest had done it now so much so that she was nominated for an award. I thought she was joking I am thinking she did something to the new kid because something happen and the class thought it was great because of the way he is. So I am waiting to hear what happen and what she did. Then she tells me that she was nominated for student of the year by the principle of the school for the Step Up for Students Scholarship that pays for her to go to school there. There is going to be a big dinner for her and her family to go to and a award ceremony and that is when we find out if she wins. It is next month sometimes. I am hoping it is after I get my money so that I can buy her a nice outfit to wear and things. She has nice outfits but she has outgrown a lot and I need to get the boys and myself something to wear as well.

She deserving of it and I hope she gets it, but she is just excited to be nominated right now. She works hard and pushes herself to get ahead and do better.

This has sparked my other ones interest as well and he wants to be student of the year or nominated for it. I told him then he needs to do his work and not be slacking to get on track and then work ahead or to his level and do good at least to get nominated. He didn’t like that but it is true it took a lot of work to get where she is and to even get nominated if he don’t want to put the work in then he don’t deserve it and isn’t going to get it or nominated for it. It’s life and you get out of it what you are willing to put in better for him to learn that now. Might be hard lesson he don’t want to learn but the sooner the better. I have told them this and tried to show them but maybe its more of the real world exposure is what he needs to kick him in the butt and get him moving.


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