I got Little Guys report card today he got all S’s and E’s but two things and they are not accadimics they are just like neatness and something else along those lines. So I am very proud of him and his grades and how well he is doing. I was worried he would be behind since he didn’t know his letters and wasn’t reading and things yet. But he has picked it up very quickly. I think because he wanted to learn it and wants to keep learning. Before he was to interested in playing and I wasn’t pushing the learning since he was young and we planed to homeschool. I can’t really say that the little bit of summer vpk he had really even did any good for him as they kept saying he was behind and he never came home with any work they had done or learning stuff just outside time and things. I think the kids in his class ended up being farther behind than he was so it didn’t help. They had other learning and physical disabilities that he didn’t have. So it wasn’t a good fit in the learning department.

I also think that this teacher takes the time to start at the be gaining with them and don’t expect them to know all this stuff when they come in. They teach kinder like it was when I was in school and they learn it there. Because she told me when I asked her at the start and was worried he wasn’t where he needed to be he was right now track and one of the best students in the class and learning very well.

He want to go to the big kids school next year and I don’t know if he is ready for that. I know he loves it there and they love having him there but it is’t like his school now at all. He is going to be more independent learning and not all the play time they get now I don’t think. If they don’t get more kids he will be the youngest with the rest being older. But he says he don’t care he likes going to their school doing the fun things they get to do.

I don’t think he will learn some of the things he is learning from the kids where he is over there so that will be good. I just don’t know I go back and forth on this a lot lately now that we are in the second semester and he is all ready to go next year. I really thought he would change his mind but he isn’t. I told him he could go. I am not sure why I don’t want him to go after some of the things we have put up with at this school. I think a little part of me is sad little bitty will be there all by herself. They are’t in the same class but they do see each other and play with each other through out the day outside and in daycare together and they do play together. But I also find that when I pick him up he is playing with the littler kids more than kids his age so it may be good to get him around older kids again. Right now I am just happy that he is doing good in school and happy.


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