Last week the teacher told us he wanted us to do a self awareness/who am I kind of exercise and to bring it in tomorrow. When we were talking about it in class I had all kinds of answers but tonight when I sit down to do it I don’t remember what the answers I had were.

He told us to look in the mirror and write down what we see, hear and feel. Then he wanted us to write down what we feel after when we read over it. Once we are done with that we are to write down our strengths, what others see or strengths as and what we feel our shortcomings/weaknesses are and what we do to compensate for them if we do.

What I see is

a parent, a student, a person who is lonely, a person who is fighting to keep everything afloat, a person who gives up everything and does without, a person who is mentally, emotionally and physically tired, a person dealing with a lot on their own and a person who could have it a lot worse.

What I feel is nothing at the moment.

My strengths are

I am independent, hard working and a fast learner

Others see my strengths as

very independent, smart, honest, a good parent and mentally strong,

My shortcomings are

I always questions everyone’s motive for what they say or do. I can’t just take what someone says or what they do at face value and just think that is what they are saying. I feel that everyone has a reason for saying and doing what they do. I want to know what it is what are they trying to hide, what are they trying to get over, what are they trying to distract me from.

For that reason I keep my guard up all the time.

I don’t ask for help hardly ever. It isn’t that I don’t want to ask for help but it does no good to so why bother. Everyone is always busy or has some excuse so I just don’t waste my time anymore.


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