As you know if you read my post from yesterday I pawned my guns my daddy left me, I would have never done it if I wasn’t sure I would have the money to get them back because I refuse to lose them. I have had a few people say jut pawn them when I needed money the last few months. 1. I knew I would not get that much out of them they are not worth much, more to me because of them being my dads then anyone else. 2. I was scraping to pay things and get the money I needed I was not going to risk losing them and I was not going to just sell them outright. I will do without before I lose them. I have lost to much that my dad gave me to lose them. It is pretty much all I have left from my dad even from when he was a live and the guilt I feel for losing the stuff he gave me before Would not compare to what I would feel if I lost these. I lost them because I relied on someone else and what they said they were going to do. Now I am relying on only me, myself and I to get the money and get them back I have already made it happen I just have to wait for it to hit the bank. Even if it is late hitting the bank I still know I have options and will not lose them.

That being said when I went to pawn them I had to go to a different part of the shop then you go to when you pawn other things. I laid them down and opened the box the one was in. Thy guy asked for my ID and started looking somethings up and asked if I wanted to pawn or sell them. I told him I only wanted to pawn them there was no way I would sell them or let them be taken and sold. He ask what I needed to get out of them? I told him I really needed to get $200 but as close to that as he could get. I don’t know what he was doing but he punched around on the computer and was looking at stuff he looked at my ID again and asked me if I was related to so and so? I say yes he said I figured by your last name and I can see the resibalince in your faces. He poked around more on his computer asked if I had been there before and things and then said he could get me $170. I told him that was great I didn’t think I would need $200 I could get by with a little less but figured it was good to have the extra just in case and so things weren’t as tight. Plus once I do it I can’t go back and get more money if something happens I rather have one ticket than a bunch of tickets and I don’t really have anything else left to take them. I also wasn’t going to let them tell me they could only give me $100 or $130 or some low ball price for the two. I figured at least $175 if I could get the $200 then ok but anything less than that wasn’t a fair deal. I don’t know a lot about them but have had them looked at and know a ball park figure on what they are worth and what I should get. After he said $170 I told him that was fine we stood there a while longer and I asked him how much I would pay back for what he was giving me. He said just wait I am trying to figure it and get you more, trying to get you as close to the $200 as I can. I said oh ok thank you. Then he said ok you will pay back $250 plus $5 for the background check when you come to pick them up. I ask him how much I would get that day he said the full $200, I worked it out for you. They will most the time if they can get it up to what you need. But I always ask for more so they want to work a deal with me and help me get at least close to what I ask for. Because I know that sometimes if you want to little they don’t really like to work with you and if you ask for to much they don’t if they feel your stuff isn’t worth close to what you are asking for. They will just say sorry I can’t get close enough to what you are asking for so we won’t take it.

Anyway I was intrigued when he said background check when I came back, so I asked him more about it. Because I have never pawned a firearm before so never thought about it. He said yeah we do a background check when you pick it up and if you don’t pass it we can’t give them back to you. I said even though they are mine and I had them and gave them to you? He said right. I ask him what happen to them then could you have someone else pick them up for you or what they did with them from there. He said no if your the one that pawned them your name is on the ticket your the one that has to pick them up and your the one the check is done on. If you do not pass then we get to keep them and we put them out for sale. I was surprised that they could just keep your stuff like that and that they didn’t have to turn it over to someone or let you make other arrangements for getting it back or something. He said so I tell everyone if you have anything on your background you think may be a question then you need to take your stuff back now before we do anything and check into it before you do this and lose them. I said I’m not worried about that at all I have had many of background checks and had/have state licenses and things and never been in any kind of trouble or arrested for anything. But that is very interesting to know about pawning guns I never would have thought of you all doing that. I asked him if when I was ready to pick them up if I had to come in one day to do the paperwork for the check and things and then come another day to pick them up or how that worked? He said no they run the check right there and as long as you pass it they give them to you since it is your own gun already. If you buy one from them instead of pick up a pawn you have then it is a 3 day wait for the background check.

It is not something that effects me personally but could kind of when you look at the big picture. But I don’t know how I really feel about it over all. Because I know it is there to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them or who are not supposed to have them. But then at the same time you get someone like my dad who screwed up years ago has something on his background and now 30 or more years later couldn’t buy or get a gun because of it even though he hasn’t been in trouble and wouldn’t be a problem with one. This is the kind of people who mainly would be the ones who lose their guns to this kind of thing not the ones out on the street causing problems and doing things now and who are in and out of trouble all the time and for gun related crimes. Because the odds are if they have a gun and want money for it they are going to sell it on the street not take it to a pawn shop so it is still most likly going to someone who isn’t wanting it to collect or protection. They aren’t worried about buying one at the pawn shop or legally so these rules they make to keep guns out of the wrong hands really do not work at doing that. If the ones who it is trying to keep from having them cared about laws and following them to get guns they want really cared about laws wouldn’t have to worry about the laws in place to keep them from getting them because they wouldn’t have the record that would keep them from getting them. They would be like the rest of us and be able to just go buy it.

And back when my dad was in trouble he was still allowed to buy guns it was only the last 5 to 10 years that the laws changed and now he couldn’t. In cases like that they should not take that away from people either they should be grandfathered in if they are not in more trouble since what they did and they are were still legally allowed to buy and sell them before new laws all this time later go into effect. Because again the new laws are not aimed at these people they are aimed at people today most times. These other fall in the cracks and get treated as if they are still doing the things they once did. If you fall under the new laws there should be some kind of expiration on how long they keep you from buying and selling anyway if you are not in more trouble after so long. I am not saying this because I had family effected by it or I am because like I said I can walk in and pawn mine and pick them up any day of the week with no problem. I also have friends and family who should never own a gun again because they can’t stay out of trouble. Then there are others who have never been in trouble and probably never will be. There are all kinds of branches on the tree just like others. To make a blanket law over everyone is not right.


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