Two post ago I hit my 1000 post mark. Seems like it has taken forever to get to that point for as long as I have had my blog, but really not long considering I have taken some really long breaks where I have not posted at all or hardly any depending what I have had going on and if I had away to post. I just like to hit 1000 followers but that will probably take a while considering I am not close. I will have to work on getting my blog out there and seen more now that I am at it and able to post and know I should not be taking anymore long breaks. I will have to do some research later when I get done with my school work on ways to bust my followers and get my blog seen by others. For now I have to go get my school work done. I have two classes do by tomorrow night and one Monday morning and Monday night. So that is all I am going to be researching and studying for now.


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