{January 30, 2017}   A Trip To Disney

Me and the kids were talking about it today and we are going to see how much one day tickets to Disney would be. I know they have three day passes for $140 right now but that is more than I have to spend. I don’t have money for one day tickets really either but we talked about it and all the kids even Mr. 6 and Little Bitty agreed that if they had enough or close to enough they would pay for their tickets out with their money instead of buying a guinea pig. They said they would start over saving for them and get them next time if they could go to Disney.

I feel bad because my oldest wants to go to a big Country music weekend they are having for her birthday but it is close to $200 a ticket, then we have to have a room for three nights, food all day for three days and gas. It would cost as more for me and her to go there than it would for us all to go to Disney even with me paying for her ticket since she hasn’t gotten any money saved. She was upset and cried earlier when we were talking about it but I just explained to her that I can’t spend all that money on a weekend for just me and her and do nothing for the rest of the kids and that I don’t spend that kind of money on birthdays on the rest I can’t really for her and not the others. Little Bitty’s birthday is in April I have to do something for it as well. I am trying to plan a sleepover for my oldest with two of her best friends but I don’t know if that will work or not because they are so busy with things for school and then things they are in other than school. I really hate it because it seems like the last few years her birthday has been a mess, my dad being sick and passing then last year I didn’t have money and we did it late again. I had planed for this years was going to do something with her and her friends then Father of the Year is doing the way he is over money and I don’t have it to do right now. I am praying that what everyone is saying on line is true and we get our money Thursday this week and not the 13. If it comes anytime this week I will be so happy I will be able to do something for her and get my truck fixed. It won’t be late really since we do them the weekend after or before their birthday most the time. I will just do cake and things with family then surprise her with the party. I was trying already to set it up the weekend of the 17 but I haven’t heard back from anyone yet. If I get my money this week I can give an option of a couple weekends and hope one works.

I hate it she don’t talk to more people and things like that and that she don’t have more friend but she has made a lot of new friends at school and seems happy. The only thing is they are all mostly older than her and they are all guys. There are only the her and the one other girl in her class. So that kind of puts a damper on things like sleepovers.

I would love to do this trip to Disney with the kids my older two have been a few times the little two never have. I think it would be nice for me and the kids to just get a way and do something fun together. We had fun when we took our trip to the light house, aquarium and things a couple years ago. This past year we have not done anything. I use to take them to one of the theme parks or get them something nice that they normally wouldn’t get every year for a while. Then things happen with me and father of the year and I am lucky to have money to do anything for them hardly. It’s been tight the last few years I want to do something for them nice even if they are helping pay for their tickets. Just getting to go and spend the time together will be great.

I plan to work the week of Valentines day and Mothers day to make some extra money. I hope that he will be paying his part and that will be money to go into savings. I also budgeted for $50 a month to go into savings for us to use to do things we want or something we want. Even if it is something as simple as going out to eat one night or to a move we have $50 a month there to do it with. They like to do other little things that don’t cost as much either so we may get to do a few things some months depending on what we do. Whatever is left we will just roll over to the following month. I think I will take a few months and put toward out Disney trip for them to have a little spending money. Maybe like half from each month for a few months so that we will still have a little there to do something that month as well. If I work those two weeks and I make as much as I did when I worked the two days a few years ago I should do really good. I made right at $300 for two days. You can work the week before for both of them most the time as well. I figure I will work Monday and Wednesday from the time I get out of school until I have to pick the little kids up from daycare at 6. The other three days I will go straight there after I drop the older two at school and work until I have to pick the little kids up. I can pick the older kids up and take them with me when they get out. If they really want to and I have a phone for the house by then they may even just stay home. It will just depend on where I have to work and things like that. But if I can make that much in a few days I didn’t even work as long as I could have then I should make decent. I could make close to $900 in a week. Take off maybe $200 for gas probably not even is still really good. I am also going to take my computer with me so I can jump on line punch in all my delivers and map out a route so that I know right where I am going and go in order so I am not driving around in circles or backtracking like I did last time. I wish I could find somewhere that I could just deliver local for that I could to it everyday. It would give me the little extra that I need and work with the kids and school. Because most of it would be done why they are in school and if I had to I can take the older ones with me. I am going to start looking and see what I can find.

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