{January 31, 2017}   A Day at School

I had therapy today I was surprised when I got the reminder call yesterday because I normally only go every two weeks, but I figured maybe because I had moved to a new therapist or something so I just went. I had’t answered the phone either and just checked the message later. I figured it be good and get me out of the house anyway because I am just kind of in limbo how I feel right now, some days are ok others aren’t this week with the accident and coming up on the anniversary of losing my dad. They were going to set me up to come in next week I asked for something two weeks out this time and they said ok. I noticed after I left that is the week I was hoping to work and make a little money so I may call and make it for next week then start back to two weeks out from there. It put me back on the rotation I have been on. Who knows I have to decide. I already have to go to school before I can work two days and can’t work Tuesday because of stuff at the kids school.

I took the little kids to school then took the older kids to school and went into talk to them about the two events coming up and the help they needed. The other parent that is there helping a lot of the times was there talking with the principle Mrs. D. I hung out talked to them and piddled around for an hour and half before I had to go to my appointment, then after I stopped grabbed something to drink and eat and went back. The kids got out at 3 and we didn’t leave until 4. We were talking and things then about the time I was going to leave the other parent’s kid had a math thing she was trying to figure out we sat there trying to figure it out and show her how to do it.

It was nice just hanging out and goofing off with them and getting out of the house. It drives me crazy I jst want to go in there and organzie everything seems like such a cluttered mess and tons of crap that is never used. But the school is changing hands and changing names this Summer and a lot of stuff is going to be leaving once the owner is informed. She will have to come and get her stuff or send someone to get it and pack it up for her. She is across the country and just calls to find out if checks have come in and how soon they are going to be put in the bank and that is it. She isn’t bothering to get help or supply the things that are needed to really do what needs to be done.

Mrs. D has started the process of setting everything up to open her own school and just going to change all the kids over to the new school and enroll everyone this Summer. This way she has the budget and the money and can hire extra help and things that need to be done. She can get things up to standards better than what they are now too. She is putting together a board to over see things and to be accountable to and help decide how things should be done. She was talking today that a group of us that are going to be the board and things need to get together and have a meeting and go over everything that is going on and needs to go on and things like that. I am not sure if that was directed at me or the other parent or what it seemed as if she was talking to both of us but I don’t know. I am not sure who she is thinking will be on this board if they want so many parents on it. Not sure what she is doing or where she is going with that. I wouldn’t mind doing it if she wants. I am going to talk to her some more about it another time or when it comes up again. The student came in and needed help and we went back to help her, we didn’t finish talking about it really.

Over all it was a good day. My money zeroed out at the school so it should be in my bank anytime now. I have been waiting all day for it and it hasn’t come in yet. It zeroed out last night and this morning and all of it did not just part of it so I should be getting all of it. I always get it with in 24 hours of it going to zero so I hope by morning it will be there. Normally it is just a few hours. I was hoping it would be in by this evening I was going to take the kids to dinner but it wasn’t. We still went and got pizza with the little bit of money I do have since I know that it will be there by Friday. I have until then to pay the rent.

Oh and the kids are back to wanting guinea pigs again instead of anything else. They been telling me everything they need for them and what all they want to buy for them. I think they would make better pets than the crabs turned out to be. I can not see how anyone can get so excited over the crabs who bury theirself and you don’t see them for months at a time. I like the fiddler crabs but at least them you can put in a fish tank if you have dry area for them to get into. So you can see them more and things. I just have to figure out what kind of cage to get for the pigs so they have the room they need but the dogs can’t get into. Biggest worry.

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