I probably won’t do it now but I am thinking about selling my truck again. I was just telling my daughter and her friend from school that I was thinking about selling it and trying to get another one right before we got in the accident the other day. But then I figured it was a loss cause to even try at this point.

I know someone that runs a shop and goes to the auto actions I had been thinking about asking him what he thought I could get for it at one with it fixed and detailed and what he thought I could get another nice one for. See if he would be willing to work out a deal because I can’t buy or sell at them since I am not a dealer.

We have a car place that only buys cars here in town as well I had thought about taking it there and seeing what they would offer me for it. But that was two accidents ago. I think my best bet would be to put it through action to get rid of it at this point.

Today I got to the kids school early and went around to the other side of the building and parked. I got there early so was going into the thrift store to look around kill some time. There was two guys there taking picture of cars to list them to sell. I parked and sat there a few minutes talking to someone on the phone, I seen the one guy left right before I got out I thought they both did.

I got done got out and went to walk around behind the truck to the store and the guy pulled up and asked if I wanted to sell my truck as it sat?

I told him I couldn’t sell it because I had to get enough out of it to get something else and I couldn’t with it being messed up and needing fixed. He ask what I was trying to get or wanted to get? I told him another truck like that I needed the room and like the truck but this just happen to it I was trying to get it fixed. He said he had another one like it but the bigger motor V10 instead of the 6, he said it had the third row seats leather in new condition very nice truck. I ask him what he wanted for it he said $6000. I told him I could not get into payments because I had kids and putting myself through school right now and not working. He said come in and talk to him and that if I just wanted the body work and things done to come talk to him. He said he had all the parts I need and things to put it back together and that him and his ex wife own 5 of the body shops around he would work a deal with me there as well. I don’t think I want his used parts for close to what I would pay new. But I may talk to him about fixing the fenders so that I don’t have to get new ones just to make them look good for now until I get some more money and decide what I want to do with it keep it or sell it. I am also going to ask him and just see what kind of deal he is talking about making on the other one.

I am first just going to ask him if I was to just sell it to him out right without taking the other what he would give me for it as it sits and see what he says. Then turn around and see what kind of deal he would be willing to work on the other one. I was thinking if he only wants a couple grand extra for the one he has and it is in the shape that he says and it is going to cost me a grand or more to put mine back together I might go ahead and buy his. If he offers a good enough deal on just buying mine I may talk to the person I know who goes to action see if he thinks I could find one and how much he thinks it would cost how long it would take to find one. If they come through all the time or something you only see once in a while. Then decide what to do.

If the one the guy has that once to buy mine is nice, runs good, is 4×4, tranny is good fluids look good and I could pick it up for a couple grand then I would tell him I need to have it looked at by my mechanic and take it to the guy I know and have his guys go through it with a fine tooth comb and tell me anything and everything they find wrong with it. I want to know if it is normal wear and tear, common issues with these trucks, what it cost to fix it all, if it is something that would need done right away or just things that are going to need done in the future and as I go before I make any kind of deal or anything.

I want to get someone to go with me I hate going places like that even though I know what I am talking about and handle it they still treat you different if you go by yourself or with a guy. I may go this weekend either way.


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