My money finally went in the bank about 530 this evening, thank God. We had just pulled in at the store to try and get subs tonight since we couldn’t get them last night when we wanted to, I checked to see if it was there or not I needed to stop and get dog food when we left there. Once I seen it had hit I decided to take the kids out to dinner. They all got bucked back in and we headed to the little diner up the street we like to go to, only to find it was closed. I always forget that they are only open breakfast, lunch and Friday night. The kids asked if we could go to Stake and Shake instead, it’s okay but not crazy about it but I took them since they wanted to go. Well on the way there I seen a craft store had opened up right behind them so we stopped in there first. When we left there I said hey lets go to the mall. We went across the street to the mall and spent forever in there it seemed like. But three of the kids got new shoes they have been desperately needing for a little while. It was worth the trip.

My Big boy got lime green van high tops, of course they had to order them for him because they didn’t have them in his size. Last time we went there to get him shoes they didn’t have the pair he wanted in his size either. They should be here some time next week. My oldest got herself a new pair of cowboy boots and they didn’t have them at the store we went to either so they ordered them for her as well. Her and my Little Guy both got shoes at Pay-less so they were buy one get one half off so hers were only $10 because they were already one sale to start with. His were on sale as well but cost more than his so hers were the half price ones.

Little bitty seen different ones she wanted but nothing that she would really want to wear once she got them home I wasn’t paying $30 or more for a pair of shoes that she will out grow in a month or two and that she will only wear a few times because she will wear her sandals more. Instead of spending money on shoe she will only wear a few times I take her to the other store where they are cheaper and she ends up getting two or three pair for around $20. She gets sandals that she will wear all the time then her other shoes that she will wear when she can’t wear them somewhere. I was going to get her dress shoes they had a cute pair and I forgot them before we left.

I use to buy all the kids shoes there but with in a month to three months they need new ones. I started buying the ones at the mall and they last about a year most the time if they do not out grow them. The ones for them at the other stores they tear up and have holes and things. I end up spending more in the long run buying them that way then just spending a little more to start with and buying the name brand ones. I want another pair of flip flops mine are two thin they make my feel hurt and they are starting to look wore since my other pair broke and I have been wearing them all the time now.

We finally made it to Stake and shake at like 830 we headed there at 530. It seemed like it took forever there to get our food and things. I think we ended up spending over an hour there and I still had to go to the other store for Little Bitty’s shoes and dog food. Right before we left this older guy come in and sat down alone he must been in his 70 or close to it. He looked like something was bothering him, kind of looked up set. I don’t know what there was just something about him I kept noticing him. When we left I asked the lady that was ringing me up to get his bill for me, I told her I wanted to pay it too. She said oh yes no problem he will be so happy it will make his day. She said his wife is in the nursing home and he goes there every day to see her then stops here on his way home to have dinner. I paid and left, as I was getting the kids out and walking around the building to get to the truck I seen her and the waitress go over with the paper and give it to him and tell him that it was paid for. I couldn’t see his face but I seen him motioning and saying something and they were smiling and stood there talking to him a few minutes. Hopefully it touched him and made him at least feel good that someone thought of him while he is going through what he is with his wife. I can’t imagine how he must feel being away from her and not having her at home. I know when my grandma was in the hospital and after she passed my grandpa was so over whelmed worrying about her and going back and forth while she was in there and then so lonely and depressed when she passed. He said it sure is different without mom here, it’s sure quite in the day when everyone is at work without mom here.


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