Last night after we couldn’t get our subs we got other stuff and ended up with a chocolate pie to go with it. Little Guy fell a sleep before everyone got done eating and we had pie. It was late and I didn’t wake him up just to eat pie. I was up most the night coughing and sick with heartburn. Between the coughing and the heartburn I ended up getting sick. I didn’t even make it to the toilet I puked in the floor had to clean it up. I just wanted to sleep and couldn’t because of it. The house was so stuffy and the heat was on because it was cool but then it was making my coughing worse. I turned my fan on to help but it didn’t. Finally about 430 I fell a sleep and was starting to sleep good. Little Guy comes in all upset mommy, mommy I wake up thinking he had a bad dream or something was wrong I asked him what? He says did you save me pie I fell a sleep and didn’t get to eat any!!!

WHAT? REALLY? You wake me up at 530 in the morning to ask me if I saved you some pie!!! I said yes we saved you some pie it is way to early to be up and thinking about pie go back to bed and let me sleep or I am going to eat your pie. He said oh ok and went back to bed.

I have pretty much been up since then. I sleep for a little bit after I took them to school but not long and then we didn’t get home tonight until almost 12 am and it is 1 now and I got to be up in the morning. I am tired but I had to just sit and unwind a little bit before I went to bed or I would lay there and not be able to sleep even being so tired.


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