But I’m back, I was finally able to get to the ER about 4 something. It is 645 now and I have been stabbed in the hand for an IV and blood draw, they did a ct with dye and gave me zophran and morphine. Ik told them medications work on me a lot more than most people and that I hardly ever take anything at all ever. She just said she ppush it in slower. I fimkgured they could give me somthing not as strong. I did not like the way it made me feel at all. It seem to make the pain in my neck worse, made side my face head neck was going to explode and like my teeth were being pushed out. After a little bit it was better. Now the pain in my side is coming back. I think its to soon for anything else or more. Its not bad so I will wait and see how it goes. I wasn’t really worried about something for pain as I want to know what was causing me to be sick. Pain was only at a 7. Starting to get a head ach as well. I’m just going to go to sleep for a bit but everytime I try to something happlens I get woke up.

I just want to eat and drink. I am thirsty to but more hungry. They gave me one bag of floods it was gone almost right away. I have not eaten since about 10 last night. Woke up puking so didn’t eat today. Probably why my head is hurting and I’m getting so earatied with everything. I should have eaten atf home before I came but didn’t want to deal with it coming back.

I’m cold really cold even with three of them sheet blankets on me. So three of them make a half real one probably.

I need to be doing my school work i wish I brought it with me.


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