{February 5, 2017}   A Mixed Bag of Thoughts

I finished all my work for my classes this week but one, it isn’t due until tomorrow and I am going to finish it when I get off here. I am not looking forward to the grade I am going to get from the one paper I turned in in my class I just finished up, it is the one class I took last semester but messed up in. I didn’t have it already done because it was one I skipped last time. But it is one of those where I really need the points even if it is just some vs none. I know I will not get a very high grade at all, like I said just hoping for some. It was kind of a hard one for me and it probably really isn’t. She wanted us to go to the nationalhumanservice website and tell her what we took from it and what we learned. She wanted to know about a few things from the site and wants it in a two page essay. I do not see anything there to make a two page essay out of it is really more of a you need to use their services to get much out of it. Needless to say my paper was about half a page and most of it telling her just that, I didn’t get much from it other than it looks like a good site but without really using the serves and things it was hard to learn anything or take much away. I am not good at these kinds of things, my friend says BS my way through them but I find BSing my way through much of anything hard to do because I am more of straight forward tell it like I see and feel it is person so just making shit up to get it done don’t come easy for me.

I went ahead and turned in my responses for the two discussion boards we have due next Sunday and turned in my journal entry for next week as well. So everything for that class is done other than responding to one other person on each board. I can’t do that until someone else post because I was the first to post on both. Most times I am last or close to last. But since I already have the work done and she hasn’t changed anything I just pull it and turn it in. I didn’t not pass because I didn’t know it or got bad grades on what I turned in so that isn’t the problem. I didn’t pass because I didn’t do enough. When things got really bad after the storm and I was sleeping 99% of the time I missed turning in a few things that had a big impact on my grades. I thought I had a make up week coming and I missed it so I didn’t get other stuff turn in that I was going to either.

My little one is not feeling good she keeps telling me there are bee’s in her ears. I have been giving her ear drops for the last few days but they are not helping. I told her I would take her to the doctor tomorrow but I have to go to class in the morning. I know I will not get out of there in time to get there and I will not be able to take her to daycare after either. I am praying she is ok to go to daycare and then I can pick her up after class and take her. I can pick her up early. I gave her something to help her sleep she is finally going to sleep.

I got three movies out of the Redbox today while at the store so that I could get my school work done while they watched them. I feel bad because they then kept coming in wanting me to watch them with them and things and I couldn’t. I tried to explain to them that I took them out shopping and to dinner Thursday after school and most the night then took them out again after school Friday as well. Then ended up sick and in the hospital yesterday and last night so I had not worked on my school work at all those days but spent two of those days with them having fun and getting them things they needed and helping them find out about guinea pigs and things. They don’t understand they just want to spend time with mommy. My little one is in my bed now because she came to tell me that the medicines that my oldest just gave her are not working. I guess now they are working because she is passed out on my pillow covered all up in my blanket. What a difference 10 minutes makes. Poor kid I think she is going to be like I am with medications. They are going to really affect her when she takes them.

I feel bad because I have to go to class tomorrow and trying to think of anyone I can to sit with her why I go so I don’t have to drop her off at school but I have no one. The only one that would probably do it is my friend R if she is feeling ok but I didn’t get to call her to see and it is to late now. I didn’t know she was going to be feeling so bad that I would consider keeping her home. I really don’t want to miss anymore school right now because we are getting into stuff that I need to be there for. Wish she would sit still long enough I would just take her with me and let her color. There are only 9 people in the class I don’t think anyone would care or say anything. Even the teacher probably wouldn’t care really he just easy and laid back. He probably turn it into some kind of lesson to teach about. I guess I will have to see how she is in the morning I may just end up staying home with her. I really didn’t want to miss another day so soon. If I had thought she was really going to have to go I would have taken her earlier so that we wouldn’t miss tomorrow. My poor baby I hate when she is sick and feels so bad.

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