Why is that so hard to do these days, everyone feels like they can just mess with other peoples things and take them if they want it. I know it has always been that way but seems to be getting worse and worse. Before I could even wake up and get out of bed this morning I got a text from the girl across the street they stole her husbands truck out of their yard last night. She wondered if I seen or heard anything.

I text Father of the Year and ask him if he seen it when he left to go home, he was here late with the kids after I got home making them eat and clean up. He said he was sure it was not there when he left between 145 and 2 am to go home. They said they last seen it at 11 when they were outside then I guess went in to bed. My kids went to bed between 12 and 1 probably around 1230. Right before they went to bed the dogs wanted out and they took them out. I don’t normally let them go out by their self that late but I was sitting right by the door with it open they were right there in the yard. I could see them moving around through the windows where the blinds were up a little bit. Father of the year was sitting there too so I didn’t think much of it. All of a sudden I heard the dogs start barking and this slamming sound like a truck hood or door. The kids come and brought the dogs inside. I guess they were headed in already because they said they weren’t sure where it came from but the dogs were barking over that way pointed toward the road between the houses. It not being to late I figured it was someone doing something at their car or what. When we closed the door turned the light off a car left from over that way. At times different houses will have people come and go late once in a while.

Then she text me this morning and said this and he said it wasn’t there when he left I bet that is when they got it. They probably seen the kids and the dogs, the dogs started barking figuring because they didn’t know them jumped in it and closed the door to get lights off them before anyone seen them and then left when we came in. But my dog barks at everyone rather she knows them or not.

I told her someone is targeting them twice now they have stolen money out of her car and now took the truck. I think it is whoever has been messing around my house as well because the last time the night after Christmas when they got the money was the night they turned the lights and things on in my yard. I am going to morrow and getting camreas to put up. I just have to get someone to put them up or figure out how to get them up myself. Everyone says not to get the wireless ones because people can tap into them and watch your house but I do not have anyone to put them up or a lot to pay someone to put them up. I can probably put the others up because they don’t have to have wires ran for them just stick them up and your done. I may ask the girl who had their truck stolen if her husband could do it for me what he would charge to run the wired ones. I also am thinking the ones that are not wired so it would be easier to move when I move because I am not leaving them here. I am going to have to see what I can work out. He may help me out since we can fix one to point on their cars and things too.

It sucks because they just bought one right before Christmas the steering collume fell out and they got this one. Now this happens. I wonder if it isn’t someone they know or if it is just someone who got lucky the first time got some money they mess around here and tried it again and got the money and decided to take the truck this time. But I kind of think whoever stole the truck probably is not the same one who just stole the money last two times. What make them take the truck this time if their thing was just going around taking money out of unlocked cars. Who knows I so wish I had put them up earlier so we would know because it could have just as easily been mine or could be mine once I get it fixed or get another one.

This is why I keep mine locked up tight night and day in my yard at the little store or anywhere at all it is locked. At this point who wants mine when it’s tore up and trashed lol.


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