As I said earlier I am supper sensitive to medications for pain or things like my Lexapro, as you all know I have been having trouble with the way it has been making me feel and making me sleepy.

In the hospital I noticed I was itching and I felt tired and fell a sleep off and on, I felt very irritated by everything. I tried to watch tv and it just being on and hearing it was bothering me I turned it off. With in a little bit the pain came back and I had a headache but as I said none of it was all that bad I didn’t say anything I didn’t want them to give more.

They came in around 8 or so and said they didn’t find anything they think it was gallbladder attack but that right now nothing is blocked or inflamed so they didn’t need to keep me and take it out. They said the urine test showed a possible uti so they sent me home with Bacterium, Zofran and acitomephan hydrocodone. They said if it has been hurting and then sick like I was today it would probably just keep getting worse that I needed to follow up with a surgeon and get it out before I did have to come to the ER and get it out that way. I thought they were going to let me go in just a minute I told them to come pick me up then it was still 45 minutes or more before they finally came and let me go. I went to the 24 hour place to get my medications before we headed home since it was a mile or two from there and the ones by me were closed or closing. I was afraid to wait until tomorrow to get them in case the pain got really bad again or I started getting sick and couldn’t stop. There was some different guy there than normal he was a little odd it took him a while to get them done. The other guy takes them tells you wait a second and gives them right back to you. This guy said it would be at least a half hour and closed the window. We were sitting there a second trying to figure out what to do he open the window said I can’t have you sitting here waiting you have to go park. I said I know we were leaving just talking about what to do. It wasn’t even like there was a car behind us or anything so we weren’t backing up the line. If there had been we would have moved right away. The other guy says wait right here even if there is a car goes gets it comes back and gives it to you. Funny how different people do the same job so differently.

Anyway I came home and ate, I ate way to much but it was good and I was hungry after not eating for almost 24 hours. I been sitting here since I am just all around irritated and noticed I was still very itchy probably more itchy than earlier and that I didn’t feel good. That drugged irradiated feeling and like I just need to be up doing something.

I looked up Morphine online and sure enough says you will itch and can have a headache from it. Then I see it says that it is in epidurals. I didn’t think I had it before but when I seen that I knew why I felt the way I did and that I had. I didn’t know that was what was in epidurals I would have told them I wanted something else for sure. It said that when given in a shot that it was at half life with in about two hours and that it could take 6 to 14 hours for it to all get out of your system. That the worse withdraw would start about 6 hours after you get it. I said sounds about right because I got it around 5 or 6 and it was 1 am.

I want to go to sleep and feel like I can’t I feel like I need to be up doing something still. I can see why the one person I knew who was on the methadone trying to get off the drugs was always up and doing stuff. He would come over to see me and hang out and clean my house. I be at work he be at the house hanging out with Father of the Year I come home they were both cleaning the house and one would be cooking dinner.

I do not understand how people get hooked on this stuff just because they like the way it makes them feel. I could not stand walking around feeling like this.


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